Away: Pt: 1


Should’ve mentioned this before


Out of Order!

Out of order

I should have put this out two days ago, when my buffer actually ended. However, I am working on stuff, so I just wanted to let interested parties know this was a little flub on my part, and we will be back to finishing the arc shortly.

Ironically, I had major art block because I had a lot I wanted to do, and wasn’t sure were to start (or how!) I may need a day or two to re-calibrate, but then everything should be going as scheduled (or to be scheduled), soon.

See you soon! Love, Stoodmuffin

Views news~

Untitled (3)Got over 500 views on my site for 2018! WOO!

This may not seem like a lot to some, but my lowest was 2016 (over 200) and 2017 (over 400), and a few more will put me over my second best year, 2015 (550)!

That means, if I can continue the trend of posting consistently, I could this year I could beat my best year! The first year I started posting stuff, 2014! But I would have to double it.

But also, March 20th 2018 was my four year anniversary of starting this project! That if I post consistently, I could double the views from my original year (over 1000), by simply doing what I set out to do in the first place. Draw and update! It’s only April, so there’s definitely time!

And though I haven’t updated or practiced as consistently as I should, the fact that I’m still here, that my site is getting views, is motivating¬†rather than off putting. That I have a lot to learn, and to grow, and I still have time.

Thank you, for those who follow me, and the new folks! It means a lot, and I see you. And those who liked as well, that also means a ton.

I can’t wait to work more and get more content out there, and I hope you folks will enjoy!





Ninth one: Life sucks.


Doesn’t it Paul? “Oh, you’re so Exotic, where’re you from?”
“But Orc culture is such a beautiful culture, why work here? “
There might? Be some slight ageism here? And maybe some other tags I should warn it with. But if you get the joke, you know this isn’t a slam on just old folks. This sort of thing is an exaggeration of things I have SEEN happen to folks (or things I may have been guilty of at some points in my life, eh heh heh) that Paul has to deal with. It’s not a good time. He’s just trying to pay the rent, folks. let ‘im live! But let me know if I should tag the warnings!
Originally he was going to work a burger Joint that was in the same mall the Coffee shop was. Yeah, retcons. Movin’ on.

Eighth Update: Paul the Orc

Untitled, submission

I was building up to him and the gag with him in the next strip since, well, my first run of strips. We will see how much of my initial world building carries over. No relation to any other “Paul”s I may know.


Seventh update: Re-Apply


The Period after Rjusts Isn’t a new Sentence, but I don’t know how to do the thing I wanted with it. It’s Rjusts Coffee Shop. But the company puts a period after Rjusts like others do for Co.? And Inc.? I don’t know, but if the sentence seems like it has a weird pause, there you go.

Sixth update: Work

Untitled (1)

Pretty self explanatory, this one. I had something, it fell through. Looking or something else. What? I’m not worried. See how relaxed in that pose? I will be fine. Really. No, you shut up.

Wait. Hopping.


Whatever it’s fine.¬†

First thing I have drawn that’s come close to a new strip in a while:

Almost a strip

Just getting that practice in, folks! The updates will be a coming I promise!

Chapter 3: Strip 12 (language warning)

Chapter 3 strip 12-Recovered


The joke here is turnover, Hi turnover.