Story one: Page Sixteen

Content warning for this arc:


Apparently this is happening, now. Eventually I will be able to convey my stories in a way that makes sense. But hey! This is pretty.
Hope you like it, and it’s alternate, as much as I do!



Story one: Page Six

Content warning for this arc:


Page6 (2).png

“Not all who wander are lost.” But SHE sure is.

Hard to tell the difference between a clue and a distraction, huh, Girlie?


Pride: Prologue, Page 1.

Content warning for this arc:




Yup, this is happening! Super excited. But what does this nonsense have to do with Pride? The coming pages will slowly reveal all! And with me behind the wheel, it will be clear as mud in no time!


Anyway, I was tempted to make this edit the actual page:

Page1 test.png

A simple reversing of the image, and it feels like there is more space and more depth? Like more 3D. It also catches more motion cause it looks more like she’s falling back.

But the first one gives me the pose I wanted and I felt it was easier to place the text box. So, this is how we do.

Can’t wait to post more of this, folks! Hope to see you around for it!


Stoodmuffin Storytime: Pride

I was going to post this after a couple more transition/additional doodles but screw it. I know this is late for pride month, but darn it I have been planning to do this thing so it’s happening. That’s that, hope you like, have some bonus stuff!!

Locket1-ConvertImage.pngLocket2-ConvertImage (1).pngLocket3-ConvertImageLocket4-ConvertImage.png


Away 25

Away25 Final.jpg

This one is trying to capitalize on the themes and experiments that I had been working/ playing with. But these last few strips are an alternate way of relating to the name sake of the arc. It will make more sense in time, as much since time can make.

Here are some additional images that reflect the creation process of this piece!



Away 17


Do you kitty? What do you see?

… Am I? Going to get a stern talking to? From a Cat?

Away 16


Just a somber, contemplation like panel.

I’m trying to avoid to much recycling of panels, but finding poses that are unique and interesting is hard when you’re still learning? That doesn’t change the fact I liked this to the point I started messing around with it. So, here is the more “finished” version:


Here are some iterations:



And then there are a couple Gifs, warning for flashing images:

Cat in Colour Gif


Cat in Colour Gif2

Playing with this one was even more fun then some of the stuff I was trying to work on, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Away 13


Yeah, the little chalk poem I made on the spot while volunteering.
Side note: I miss drawing with chalk that was fun. Outside of like, when you mess up.