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NOT ACTUALLY AFTER SECTION/CHAPTER ART STUFFS: A filler till I sort things out (assignment comic 1)

A repost of the first assignment comic.

Enter Mustachio


So, there is not going to be a new comic this week, because I just started classes. The one I need to edit is kinda being a pain and, honestly? With all the things I have been starting and trying to organize it is not going to be possible for me getting it out till next week. Hopefully.

So, why repost the assignment comics that I made? Well, it has to do with another project I want to start as a side thing on here: Review comics. To avoid being sued out of my butt hole for putting copy righted material in my strip and other related ethical conflicts, I have been creating in world parodies of things that exist. This will make more sense when we get to the R.J.U.S.T.S. stuff, then you will see what I mean more. But I still want to share my experiences about things I didn’t make up, things that aren’t just plot devices in my universe. Things like, Spider-man and Bat-man, or TMNT for example.  So, when I have more specific issues with SPECIFIC franchises, I would do the “Review comic” for it instead, rather than the “Be the best (You can be)” comic.  at was the

This is stuff the predecessor to “Review comics”, stuff I made for a class. Though, as you will see… like many proto-types, this is kind of a rough, imperfect work. You’ll see what I mean when we get to the last of these posts.


Original Text:

This is the first one. It’s supposed to be a gag strip based on the premise of what I feel defines “Netflix Culture.” Which is, to me, marathoning programs late into the night and not getting proper sleep. This is a good comparison between new media and old media too, I think? Old media being more commercial radio/network tv and new media being blogs/blogging, Netflix, and Youtube (for example).

Writing 101 day fifteen, late coming I knows (and there is some adult words in this one. Be advised. Also lots of personal opinions.)

What is something that could be canceled that would make me sad? Honestly? I know this sounds weird to say but the new Ninja Turtles cartoon. I don’t like every single thing about it, but on the whole I think it’s a smooth and well done production. It’s over the top funny, and can be over the top serious. It’s a mix of new and old things, and I feel seeing the Turtles’ progression is more obvious to see.

To see it canceled would be like when I found out “Spectacular Spiderman” was only two seasons. It was so well done, and if watched in chronological order you can see everything build up to the final episode of the second season. It was like, each piece flowed together. The chain of actions made sense, and you could see how it all fits together you saw the whole thing. The whole tapestry coming together. It took a while for me to warm up to it when it did, and I am sad it was over. Because it kicked ass.

Sorry I couldn’t think of something more serious, but it was the first thing to come to mind, and canceling the show would make me fricking frustrated. I just, there have been lots of good programs canceled for stupid reasons. I remember reading that “Young Justice” (another cartoon) got canceled because they were worried girls were watching the show, and he fucking network didn’t think they would buy the toys. Because there wasn’t fucking bright pink on them, I guess? I was so fucking angry. Like, I could go on and on from a creative stand point how stupid that sounds to me. But even from an ECCONOMIC standpoint that was stupid. Like, GIRLS WERE BUYING THE TOYS. IF THE NETWORK COULD GET THEIR FUCKING HEADS OUT OF THEIR FUCKING ASSES THEY COULD SEE THAT. Like, old fucking white men with money should NOT be the sole ones deciders of the fate of mainstream of creative content, because then this shit happens! Like, at LEAST, there should be some proper look at the demographics watching the shows. I mean, it’s sad enough when a show ends, BUT COME ON. Like, Spectacular Spiderman ended so they could make those two new pooptastic Spiderman movies! ARAIONSJKNGkdgnvkJK Nwj svsakbnasnwjgnw At least I get the economics of THAT decision. Oh. Fucking. Vey.