Two years on hormones!

Warnings about drug talking, and possibly other content. Just an FYI


Hromones-ConvertImage (1).png
It hasn’t always been easy to afford them. There were days I came close to miss taking them for the day, too.

But Two years! I haven’t even been out to everyone for two years, but yet, here we are!
I am going to post regular pages soon, but I wanted to post this little thing in the mean time.

Life has been, and will be, hectic. But acknowledging the little things help a lot. ❤

Hope you are all doing well, and take care.




The other side: Away 26

TheothersideAway26-ConvertImage (1).png

A very good question!

You can always tell when I stated to change how I approach things within an arch cause something always escalates in a way that seems so out of place to what lead up to it?

BUT. I have a bigger project Idea on the way, and this is an awkward transition from “Hey this is a strip of me saying I will be away for a few days that some how snowballed into a concept/project that will be a month late for it’s intended purpose.

But, in the mean time, have this alternate!


17: Metamorphosis.



I’m sorry for all the sparkles.
No I’m not.
And it will only get worse.
Less sorry.
Also, here are the frames and the preview!
This SHOULD be the order in which they appear in the GIF, but might be mistaken.