Two years on hormones!

Warnings about drug talking, and possibly other content. Just an FYI


Hromones-ConvertImage (1).png
It hasn’t always been easy to afford them. There were days I came close to miss taking them for the day, too.

But Two years! I haven’t even been out to everyone for two years, but yet, here we are!
I am going to post regular pages soon, but I wanted to post this little thing in the mean time.

Life has been, and will be, hectic. But acknowledging the little things help a lot. ❤

Hope you are all doing well, and take care.



Just trans things, Prt 3:

Untitled3 (1)

I think Non-binary folks/ Genderfluid/Agender folks would get the roughest shit for this?

But I could be wrong. Poor Jessi doesn’t have a ridiculous meme thinger to reference to deflect against the dead naming.

Or they may, but might be more copy righted or I didn’t  research good. Either way, poor Jessi is left out to dry even more than the others.

This isn’t cool! Respect names and pronouns please!

Just trans things, Prt 2:

Untitled2 (1).png

No, Izzy, not just “girly” things.

But unfortunately, a thing lots of us have to deal with.

Again, using humor to deflect.

Just trans things, Prt 1:

Untitled (4).png


I ended up venting about getting dead named in a group and I though of this.

This is probably not an original joke.

If you think I forgot other trans folks, the other parts are coming.

I may use humor to deflect things that actually bother me much more than I care to admit.


Something different: Trans day of Visibility


I don’t normally post pictures of me, but I felt this was important.

#transvisibility is a tricky and fickle thing.

I find myself trying to put myself out there no matter the cost and enjoy myself, but I would be lying if I wasn’t afraid (even though I’m not cautious). I want to scream to the heavens, that this is me and who I am, for the years I hid even with a voice so booming and loud.
I can only do so much. Visibility isn’t the same as empowerment. But yesterday was amazing beyond words. And everyone who was visible or less so, those still hiding or struggling, I send my heart out to you. You matter 💖 #tdov

Also, more art to come, but side note:

I participated in the Coming out Monologues YYC recently. I am going to post some of the poetry and stuff that lead me to make the piece I performed.  So, those are also coming!