Story one: Page Twelve

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I’ve seen stuff similar to this effect in various media I have consumed, but still trying to figure it out.

I actually really like it, though. For this. The outlining in a different colour, it’s a whole different look over one detail change. For once that’s kind of exciting rather than intimidating/anxiety inducing.



Story one: Page Eight

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She’s only Naruto Running because it’s easier to draw and drawing is hard.

Story one: Page Six

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Page6 (2).png

“Not all who wander are lost.” But SHE sure is.

Hard to tell the difference between a clue and a distraction, huh, Girlie?


Story one: Page three

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World’s fuse together, ebb and flow into each other’s narrative and shape the stories as we understand them today. This does not always happen by the purest of means, and who has dominion/rights to which tale can often seem confusing. But that swirling neither of content, especially in the internet age, is our reality. Isn’t it?

Pride’s First story; Dresses: Page one

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And a minor language warning? I guess?


First page in the next part of the story!


The grey scale is on purpose.