Games: a short(ish) arc: #15


This is the other one that gave me some art block, but the other one was the worse culprit for sure.

In one of the images I use as a background for this one, I do a similar trick. I think it was the 6th or 7th strip in this arc? But yeah, similar concept. I like how this one conveys the emotion, more? Like I thin it does a better job?

And considering how arc is all about feeling stressed when you are new or inexperienced at something, I thought I would throw in some panels from my earliest comics, in the background, too.

Actually, the inspiration for this whole arch was actually… gaming with my mother. 

She got into playing Mario Kart with me a couple times, and though our skill levels are kinda different we have fun. It started out after I played with my little cousins, and she started playing a couple rounds. Then we just started play Mario Kart on the switch together, and it’s a good time.

So I thought she’d like Kirby. Kirby is notorious for being easy to play, to the point I have seen some people complain Kirby is too easy. And short.

But, for my Mom, it was distracting and hard to figure out who she was. She kept saying she didn’t hate it, and that she would keep going. She did, but it wasn’t like Mario Kart. It’s hard to tease out what was so different, outside of one thing: She would ask me to play Mario Kart, and Kirby. Well, not so much.

Like Jessi and what ever game we are playing together in the comics, My mom thought Kirb’s was cute. That the game was cute.

But it wasn’t really her bag.

I think sometimes with either being the youngest, being small, sometimes getting picked on, add, or what have you, I ended trying to puff up when I feel small. My mom, also the youngest, I think she does this too at times. I think that’s part of why it’s easy for each other to point out when the other isn’t listening, than to admit it ourselves.

But I don’t think either of us want to be that person. I don’t want to say “you’re not a real gamer if–.” I don’t want to exclude people from having the chance to enjoy something. I may try to explain how I can see something is problematic, or why I like something, or why I don’t. But I don’t want to push people away just because they may be starting out or have a different experience with something.

With certain stuff, people may think otherwise of me. And, fair.

But I think there is a balance between setting and respecting your own boundaries, accepting others, and either being pushy or a door mat.

And even though it’s just games, the whole point of this strip is that if I am remember what it was like to start out, I should give people that chance too as well. That it’s cool that my mom even shares my interest with me in that small way. I’d always rather sharing together so we both have fun rather than me just data dump to her about why I like thing. Because then, it isn’t just about me. 

When kids where being shit to me about those things, or even adults, it felt shitty because I couldn’t share in something or with folks. But, if I am mad about that, I should be careful when I do it, too.

I’m pretty sure this isn’t that big of deal, but as I try to for better relationships with both others and myself, it was something to think about.


Games: a short(ish) arc: #14


Jessi probably would’ve used a contraction, but that’s such a small enough thing that I really don’t care.

To be quite honest, this strip and the next one were the causes of the massive sources or art block. They killed my attempts to rebuild my buffer!

I mean, I joke a little bit, but to be quite honest I had very little Idea how to approach it? The perspective, the lighting. In other programs I had learned to do stuff like this, but I either didn’t have access to those ones anymore/forgotten what I did.

So, I was worried. Even more than that, I was so stressed out by how to do this one, that it impacted all the other arcs and projects and future strips I was going to do. Like, I have very little of the things I had planned after this strip even started.

But you know what? Drawing the pieces I did in the mean time, and finally drawing this one? They aren’t perfect, no. But I do think they are showing my continuation to do these things improves my skill.

That’s what transitioning has been all about, in some ways. I can acknowledge I need to improve, and get better, but still see where I have come from.

And with Jessi’s comment, something I had planned on being said since my initial inception of this arc, this whole thing comes right back around.

Funny how that works, huh?

My Coming out monologue!

Possible content warnings for a variety of different reasons.

This will not be for everyone.

IT IS FINALLY HERE! This is my “Coming out monologues” piece for2018!

If there are any shots that are slightly out of focus, and the fact my glasses are crooked/the camera catches the bad side of my face lol, I apologize.

But I cannot express how much love I have for th person who caught this on film.

I’ll be honest, re watching myself on film is SUPER hard, and always has been. I just Cringe a loooot.

But this night was so, SO amazing, and I just want to be able to share it all with you. The few months me and my fellow performers worked on our pieces really Paid off, and I couldn’t be prouder to work with them all.

Without further adieu, here’s my Coming out monologue!

(PS: captions will be soon!)





Dancing final (1)

A sequel post to the “out of order” one.

We should have the normal arc back up for Wednesday?

Hope this will tide you over for a while, it’s not something I would normally do.

Thank you for your patience!



(Yeah I totally made this while listening to the Bayonetta OST)


Out of Order!

Out of order

I should have put this out two days ago, when my buffer actually ended. However, I am working on stuff, so I just wanted to let interested parties know this was a little flub on my part, and we will be back to finishing the arc shortly.

Ironically, I had major art block because I had a lot I wanted to do, and wasn’t sure were to start (or how!) I may need a day or two to re-calibrate, but then everything should be going as scheduled (or to be scheduled), soon.

See you soon! Love, Stoodmuffin

Games: a short(ish) arc: #10

Untitled10 (1)

HEY. It’s JESSI! Like Suzie, they are returning character! From older comics! Neat, right? Though, I am changing some stuff about them, which I will being this up more so later. Right now, gaming drama.

Look at that background! Sexy, right? Yes, I still need to practice, and yes carpets suck. But I like it! It was so hard to make that carpet work the way I wanted but eh. Close enough.


Games: a short(ish) arc: #9, The wake up call



Oop, look likes I got stuck in my head for the few past updates. Sometimes you need to snap back to reality! Well, there you go. Ha ha.