Seventh update: Re-Apply


The Period after Rjusts Isn’t a new Sentence, but I don’t know how to do the thing I wanted with it. It’s Rjusts Coffee Shop. But the company puts a period after Rjusts like others do for Co.? And Inc.? I don’t know, but if the sentence seems like it has a weird pause, there you go.

Sixth update: Work

Untitled (1)

Pretty self explanatory, this one. I had something, it fell through. Looking or something else. What? I’m not worried. See how relaxed in that pose? I will be fine. Really. No, you shut up.

Wait. Hopping.


Whatever it’s fine. 

Fifth Update: Mental health


Yeah. So I had to retake one class last year, cause of the three I was taking in the winter 2016 semester? I had to withdraw from one. But I was doing an in depth mental health assessment, as well as work and volunteering, at the same time.

It wasn’t until December of 2016 that I found out that I had ADD, and that it came with some friends. That also means that I had done that much schooling without accommodations I could have been entitled too.

The down side was that for years. Years. I could have had help and support that would have made the entire journey easier. But on the plus side, to think that I did some of the cool things that I HAVE done, without those supports, and made it as far as I did? Is pretty neato. But it’s hard to accept some of those grades as proper evaluations of my skills in those classes, even all the way back to Elementary (primary) school, if I have had this going on. Never mind that one of the symptoms of my ADD is a reading disability? It’s kind of like dyslexia’s cousin.

Eh, I graduated with an A in that class after I retook it, so *Shrugs. *


Warning Levels: 
Minormentions or touches on topic. Will say “Warning: Slight.” 
Moderate– goes into more detail. Maybe more Graphic. Will just say “Warning.”

Major– A lot of, or graphic depiction, or subject matter. Most intense. Will say: “Warning, extreme.” 


Audio updates for comics:

For the audio recordings for visually impaired folks, either search YouTube for “Stoodmuffincomics; Audio updates,” or following the link here, will take you right to the playlist with them as soon as they are uploaded.

The idea is to have an Audio book/describe video kind of deal for the comics, so people can enjoy them even if they can’t see them. With some of the small rants I do on posts, TTS sounded like a nightmare because it would take a long time to get through the descriptions and the captions I have on posts. Though, this could be slower due to potential band width.

If this option doesn’t work? Let me know. Maybe I could find away to balance it with TTS? Just trying new things to make things more accessible. Let me know if it helps you or your loved ones out? Or if it doesn’t?






Paper doll test and comparison.


Trying to get better at making her consistent, so I tried a new thing. Still kinda rough, though, cause I’m not sure how to do certain aspects of it. Eh. Need to work on figure drawing anyway, lol.

Hope you enjoy!

Intro to the Youtube Channel and Animations

Content warning for the video, here:

So, this is the intro to my channel on YouTube, and my animations. I re -uploaded it because I made a new account. Long story, cringe-y animation. Here it is! Updated, so it should be good to rock and roll, if not, let me know?

Hope you enjoy 🙂

Fourth of the life updates:

Untitled fixed


Did I mention that on here? Happened last June? Oh well, now you know. I developed a method for drawing flowers when I was 14, I still probably should use more references and still life practice though, as can be seen by my vase. Also drawing the Grad Robe was hard and weird? Didn’t think it would be. Also, I really need to make sure I spell check the text in comics.

Third of the life updates:


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Called updates for a reason, folks.

Though I am taking a long time to actually get to the point. Of actually…Updating folks.

Second of the life updates:

Complete (1)

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Who’s this cat?

Will I ever make a consistent narrative?

Will I ever figure out how to be organized?

Will I ever have neater line art?


Maybe. If I feel like it.

First of the life updates:

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I’m still working on the comic, and what I want it to be. But that doesn’t mean my site has to be dead of content when I work behind the scenes, right? So enjoy some my slice of life content, and I promise that the new take on the comic will be coming. New content everyday!
This is how you professional, right?

Warning Levels: 
Minormentions or touches on topic. Will say “Warning: Slight.” 
Moderate– goes into more detail. Maybe more Graphic. Will just say “Warning.”

Major- A lot of, or graphic depiction, or subject matter. Most intense. Will say: “Warning, extreme.”