Story one: Page Sixteen

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Apparently this is happening, now. Eventually I will be able to convey my stories in a way that makes sense. But hey! This is pretty.
Hope you like it, and it’s alternate, as much as I do!



Story one: Page Fifteen

Content warning for this arc:


Content warning for this arc:    WE ARE BACK, BABY. YUP.

Should be fine.

No worries.


(forgot the colours for the speech bubbles but it’s fine)

Happy Pride, 2


Still struggling with my new posting schedule, but this weekend was pretty interesting, anyway. I have been out as Trans as a while, but I ended up coming out again? So, I wanted to give this alternate version of the piece I made before before I started posting regular stuff again (on here). SO. Here’s a pan one! Slightly cleaned up, for your pleasure. Much love and see you soon! Stoodmuffin.

Happy Pride


Coming up in my neck of the woods pretty quick, here.

Struggled with my new posting schedule as soon as I made it, then tried to have a month break.

Well? Either way, I am going to try and get to posting content!

I think I let writter’s block for what I wanted to do after this arc mess me up on this one, and I just was struggling to keep up with stuff happening.

But, even doing this in the wee hours was so much fun. So, I’m going to keep trying to hammer this heavy bs out.

Love you all!


Story one: Page Fourteen

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Story one: Page Thirteen

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This is not sarcastic, she just trying to be honest.


Story one: Page Twelve

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I’ve seen stuff similar to this effect in various media I have consumed, but still trying to figure it out.

I actually really like it, though. For this. The outlining in a different colour, it’s a whole different look over one detail change. For once that’s kind of exciting rather than intimidating/anxiety inducing.


Story one: Page Ten

Content warning for this arc:

Dysphoria and De-transition warning.


Page10 (1).png

Story one: Page Eight

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She’s only Naruto Running because it’s easier to draw and drawing is hard.