Stoodles: Cool gal?



Some Sketches, before the thing. The thing I am going to make.

Cool-Gal-ConvertImage.pngCool Gal.jpg


Away 16


Just a somber, contemplation like panel.

I’m trying to avoid to much recycling of panels, but finding poses that are unique and interesting is hard when you’re still learning? That doesn’t change the fact I liked this to the point I started messing around with it. So, here is the more “finished” version:


Here are some iterations:



And then there are a couple Gifs, warning for flashing images:

Cat in Colour Gif


Cat in Colour Gif2

Playing with this one was even more fun then some of the stuff I was trying to work on, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Stoodles (Stoodmuffin doodles) Bonnie the Bulbasaur:

Bonnie Bulbasaur.png
This started out to a silly response to a silly thread, but when I showed folks I gotĀ nothingĀ but support.

So here she is, Bonnie the Bulbasaur, a plus sized Pokemon!

Here’s the line art/ sketch:

ThickaSaur (1)

Stoodles (Stoodmuffin Doodles) Oliver Fire bird: Blood TW

Oliver Firebird.png

Was trying to do some monster design and I liked the sketch, so here he is!

And the Sketch:
Oliver Firebird.jpg

Stoodles (Stoodmuffin doodles): A friend you can find

Smol link2.png


I went to an art group thing and drew whatever. I did it, folks liked it, but I would not stop talking about references.

So I wanted to find something different to draw, and use a reference for it.

I found a picture of smol link, and then proceeded to draw this:
Smol link

I really liked it, so I tried to ink it. Neither are perfect, and they were so far out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I took the plunge!

Here’s an alternative version, as well!

Smol link1