Stoodles (Stoodmuffin doodles) Bonnie the Bulbasaur:

Bonnie Bulbasaur.png
This started out to a silly response to a silly thread, but when I showed folks I gotĀ nothingĀ but support.

So here she is, Bonnie the Bulbasaur, a plus sized Pokemon!

Here’s the line art/ sketch:

ThickaSaur (1)

Stoodles (Stoodmuffin Doodles) Oliver Fire bird: Blood TW

Oliver Firebird.png

Was trying to do some monster design and I liked the sketch, so here he is!

And the Sketch:
Oliver Firebird.jpg

Stoodles (Stoodmuffin doodles): A friend you can find

Smol link2.png


I went to an art group thing and drew whatever. I did it, folks liked it, but I would not stop talking about references.

So I wanted to find something different to draw, and use a reference for it.

I found a picture of smol link, and then proceeded to draw this:
Smol link

I really liked it, so I tried to ink it. Neither are perfect, and they were so far out of my comfort zone, but I’m glad I took the plunge!

Here’s an alternative version, as well!

Smol link1