Away 25

Away25 Final.jpg

This one is trying to capitalize on the themes and experiments that I had been working/ playing with. But these last few strips are an alternate way of relating to the name sake of the arc. It will make more sense in time, as much since time can make.

Here are some additional images that reflect the creation process of this piece!




Stoodles (Stoodmuffin doodles) Bonnie the Bulbasaur:

Bonnie Bulbasaur.png
This started out to a silly response to a silly thread, but when I showed folks I got nothing but support.

So here she is, Bonnie the Bulbasaur, a plus sized Pokemon!

Here’s the line art/ sketch:

ThickaSaur (1)

Re-Baked Goods: Mother Earth (Digital)

Mother_Earth_Remake_digital (1).png

This is the digital version of the hand drawn reboot of my Mother Earth drawing!  I may have went to heavy with certain brushes but I love it. Or at least how it turned out! How she turned out. 🙂

21: I’m rediscovering Magic:

Untitled (1).png
“And suggested in this ancient tome;
in the darkness, answers, direly roam.”
Hey! I drew a book! and it looks okay! 

17: Metamorphosis.



I’m sorry for all the sparkles.
No I’m not.
And it will only get worse.
Less sorry.
Also, here are the frames and the preview!
This SHOULD be the order in which they appear in the GIF, but might be mistaken.