NOT ACTUALLY AFTER SECTION/CHAPTER ART STUFFS: A filler till I sort things out (assignment comic 1)

A repost of the first assignment comic.

Enter Mustachio


So, there is not going to be a new comic this week, because I just started classes. The one I need to edit is kinda being a pain and, honestly? With all the things I have been starting and trying to organize it is not going to be possible for me getting it out till next week. Hopefully.

So, why repost the assignment comics that I made? Well, it has to do with another project I want to start as a side thing on here: Review comics. To avoid being sued out of my butt hole for putting copy righted material in my strip and other related ethical conflicts, I have been creating in world parodies of things that exist. This will make more sense when we get to the R.J.U.S.T.S. stuff, then you will see what I mean more. But I still want to share my experiences about things I didn’t make up, things that aren’t just plot devices in my universe. Things like, Spider-man and Bat-man, or TMNT for example.  So, when I have more specific issues with SPECIFIC franchises, I would do the “Review comic” for it instead, rather than the “Be the best (You can be)” comic.  at was the

This is stuff the predecessor to “Review comics”, stuff I made for a class. Though, as you will see… like many proto-types, this is kind of a rough, imperfect work. You’ll see what I mean when we get to the last of these posts.


Original Text:

This is the first one. It’s supposed to be a gag strip based on the premise of what I feel defines “Netflix Culture.” Which is, to me, marathoning programs late into the night and not getting proper sleep. This is a good comparison between new media and old media too, I think? Old media being more commercial radio/network tv and new media being blogs/blogging, Netflix, and Youtube (for example).