Review Comic: 2

review comic 2


Say what you will about this movie. Some parts of it I liked, some I didn’t.  But I was super confused as to what the hell this thing was trying to be. At some moments I felt I was watching the 1960’s  cartoon. It was that cheesy, that campy. At other moments I felt like it was the 90’s cartoon. Other times it was like “Spectacular Spider-man,” other times “Ultimate.”  Other times I thought I was watching “Twilight” meets “Spider-man 3” meets “Dare Devil” meets  “The fault in our [motherfucking] stars.” I am not saying that it tried to hard to be too many things, to too many different types of fans. I literally mean it did not seem like the same movie from scene to scene/ beat to beat/ act to act. It was like people edited footage of six different movies and posted them together. And can someone please tell me why there is even a point to this reboot (other than money) if we are going to pull the “too many villains not properly developed and all kinda rushed in an awkward way crap from Spider-man 3 all over again?” 

Seriously. You cannot convince me at all (considering how little the Rhino was in the movie) that “The Amazing Spider-man 3” can successfully put the entire sinister 6 in a movie, AND Felicia Hardy. And  what about Norman? Is he dead? Or does he become the Goblin after something happens to Hairy? Because then it’s a movie about a group of six villains. Black cat. AND Norman as Green Goblin. Even if it doesn’t have all that, It’s seems to be shaping up to be “Spider-man 3.” Only it is going to be worse, and then we will not hate ourselves for buying tickets to its two predecessors. Oh no. This one will make us hate buying tickets to all five previous movies.

I hate being the crotchety, cynical, nerd, but It’s going to take a lot to convince me “The Amazing Spider-man 3” won’t be the movie that  haunts my nightmares due to ineptitude. Even with the things I liked about  this one.


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