28: (time left, part 2)

A foggy memory
You might have seen this one before. But, I promise I am not reusing things out of laziness. (Check Frozen) 
Sometimes things have several panels, connected from several frames. (Check metamorphosis).

The third writing 101 Challenge (Hey Zabih, this o nes for you)

The third writing challenge was about a song that meant something to us, but we had to choose three. Just that challenge alone a very specific and vivid memory to mind. My friend and I were in choir in high school together, and we were also in the same Spanish class. We had very different levels of Spanish, considering he was a Native speaker, so I would always bug him when I did not understand something. He, a friend of mine who is sadly not with us anymore, would hang out in Spanish and often work with each other on projects and stuff, and I would hang out with my one specific buddy afterwards in Choir. Our interest in music, and our skill level, was similar yet different. We both got solos more on our charisma more than our vocal talent, in my opinion, and we competed against each other a little because of that.

Around the same time, I was figuring out how to listen to songs and figure out the notes for them on the piano. I’m not that good at piano or guitar, I don’t practice much, but there were a few songs I could figure out. I started figuring out that many songs over lapped as well, that many songs had the same chords. Around this time there was a project in our Spanish class where we had to write about two favorite musicians, but they had to be/sing in Spanish and the report had to be in Spanish. I showed what I was working on at the piano to my friend, and then we came up with an idea. We get to make the report in English and talk about English singers, if we sang something in Spanish. So, we took the “mash up” or “medley” that I had started and we wrote Spanish Lyrics to them. We Chose “Fort Minor,” rapper who was with Lincoln Park, and either the “Beatles” or “John Lennon” I cannot remember. For the life of me. We preformed it a couple times, I was back up singer (singing the chorus with him) and was playing the piano, and he did all the main lyrics.

 It was such a good medley that I wanted to retool it so we could perform it together, and I found another song that could work well together in the mix. It was so good, it was our own cover. It was awesome. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut I wasn’t good enough on piano to play it consistently, and we never recorded it. The three songs, though they may not seem to fit together, were these:

Fort Minor’s: Where’d you go?


The Beatles: With a little Help from my friends.


(Chords from this songs verse is the same as the Chorus’ of “Where did you go)

And the third song I eventually put in there was:

The Verve: Bittersweet symphony.


I think I failed the twist on this one. 

I wish I had a sample of the mix, but I don’t. But, such good memory.