Story one: Page Eight

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She’s only Naruto Running because it’s easier to draw and drawing is hard.


Story one: Page Seven

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“Light and Darkness are often Moralized.
Blindness is seen as a weakness, and which bodies survive written in a stone that we believe is immune to erosion.
Despite the fact we know over exposure to the radiation of particles that move as waves can melt through anything it breathes life into, anything it saves. 
It’s not there isn’t a write or wrong in the roads we travel, short and long. But we believe we’ve found them both as we stare into the eclipse. As we mock those who can’t, those who are safer in that one circumstance.
It’s the light that makes the shadows we stare into while facing the wall at the back of the cave. It’s darkness, and distance that allows the light of stars to be something we can safely crave.
Justice only knows darkness, sightlessness, as it weighs stories to find the gravity of each situation.
Justice is not the path well lit or the one of darkness, as gravity bends light to form what we perceive.
It is not straight or narrow. It can be the curvature of worlds and the eddies of galaxies. Justice is listening, even in silence.
Be aware that all sight has limitations,
even when light shows us the way.”

Story one: Page Six

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“Not all who wander are lost.” But SHE sure is.

Hard to tell the difference between a clue and a distraction, huh, Girlie?


Story one: Page three

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World’s fuse together, ebb and flow into each other’s narrative and shape the stories as we understand them today. This does not always happen by the purest of means, and who has dominion/rights to which tale can often seem confusing. But that swirling neither of content, especially in the internet age, is our reality. Isn’t it?

Pride: Prologue, Page 13

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Pride: Prologue, Page 7

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Maybe NOT THE BEST THING TO DO when you’re the only person with a friend WHO IS NOT COMFORTABLE. With the THINGS. Happening.

Wait, what’s going on? With the cat?

Pride: Prologue, Page 6

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Yup. THAT will clear shit up, right?