Story one: Page Twelve

Content warning for this arc:


I’ve seen stuff similar to this effect in various media I have consumed, but still trying to figure it out.

I actually really like it, though. For this. The outlining in a different colour, it’s a whole different look over one detail change. For once that’s kind of exciting rather than intimidating/anxiety inducing.



Games: a short(ish) arc: #8


Sometimes, things get too much before we deal with it healthily. And then, well. Yeah, that’s not super fun, huh?
Even then, sometimes things that aren’t very big can pile up into a lot of stress. If people who have as good lives as I or others do can get overloaded, then the amount of stress out there for those struggling more/differently is a HUGE deal. And our society is bad at dealing with not only letting people fall through the cracks, but admitting that it does or that it was built on that. So, be careful, folks. And know that you are loved!

Games: a short(ish) arc: #7

Definitely some warnings for language and things in this one.

Untitled 6_6

This one is a little more… intense. You know when things build up after a while, you know? This one has a lot more toxic, serious messages in it. I bleep things out for the most part, but maybe there should be some warning.

Games: a short(ish) arc: #5


Yeah, so the themes I address in this small arc carries into things more than just video games.
If you haven’t gotten what’s going on, it will be more clear in later uploads. And those that who think you have, it maybe be more involved than you think. šŸ˜‰

Games: a short(ish) arc: #1

Untitled (1)

Just me playing video games at some indiscriminate age.

28: (time left, part 2)

A foggy memory
You might have seen this one before. But, I promise I am not reusing things out of laziness. (Check Frozen)Ā 
Sometimes things have several panels, connected from several frames. (Check metamorphosis).

Be the best (you can be) #1

Be the best (you can be) copy


Well, ladies and gents, did I ever mess that up. I have been tryingĀ to figure out how to post my comics so they were easier to navigate. It’s kind of a big mess right now. That’s because I didn’t realize, to my dismay, that posting as a comic verses an image are separate things.

So I am re-posting, EVERY comic. I’m not taking the originals down, because then the date on the bottom wouldn’t match the date published on the site, and I have been trying to make them the same date, because in my head that makes more sense for copyright things? I don’t know. Just remember that theĀ dates on the bottom of the images areĀ ORIGINAL POST DATES.Ā 

What the original post had to say:

“The first comic of my first comic (and hopefully not last) series. Edited in Photoshop, a tool I have not quite mastered yet. But, anyway, I hope you enjoy if you happen to stumble across it. :3”

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And the last thing, is that the archiveĀ pageĀ will only have the most recent version of the posts. So, all the ones done in the comic navigation format. Ā If you want to see when the original comic was postedĀ dateĀ was, scroll down and you will see it organized by month on your right.

And the sketch version.

This will have to be done up to tomorrow’s comic. So, please don’t hate me for spam notifications.