Views news~

Untitled (3)Got over 500 views on my site for 2018! WOO!

This may not seem like a lot to some, but my lowest was 2016 (over 200) and 2017 (over 400), and a few more will put me over my second best year, 2015 (550)!

That means, if I can continue the trend of posting consistently, I could this year I could beat my best year! The first year I started posting stuff, 2014! But I would have to double it.

But also, March 20th 2018 was my four year anniversary of starting this project! That if I post consistently, I could double the views from my original year (over 1000), by simply doing what I set out to do in the first place. Draw and update! It’s only April, so there’s definitely time!

And though I haven’t updated or practiced as consistently as I should, the fact that I’m still here, that my site is getting views, is motivating rather than off putting. That I have a lot to learn, and to grow, and I still have time.

Thank you, for those who follow me, and the new folks! It means a lot, and I see you. And those who liked as well, that also means a ton.

I can’t wait to work more and get more content out there, and I hope you folks will enjoy!









She was the first Character I made and featured in my older content, outside of my Avatar. I think she finally shows up in strip number five?

I haven’t drawn much of her since I began slowly redesigning my avatar, so in some ways it feels like a long lost friend has returned.

I have other characters, (like Paul the Orc) I had been working on and designing since the earliest days of the strips. Part of my original concepts. My goal is to hopefully have more of them, with their own stories, in my work. But, that process is slow, so she returns as she originated in the strip, gently giving me a “hard time” over things.

I’m glad I got off my procrastinating butt to draw her though. I really did miss her ❤

Oh, the thing about the cat is a reference to the second update a ma thing. I posted it, I can guarantee, so. It’s somewhere.

Also happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Sorry if I don’t do anything special for it I’m just behind on all things.