Two years on hormones!

Warnings about drug talking, and possibly other content. Just an FYI


Hromones-ConvertImage (1).png
It hasn’t always been easy to afford them. There were days I came close to miss taking them for the day, too.

But Two years! I haven’t even been out to everyone for two years, but yet, here we are!
I am going to post regular pages soon, but I wanted to post this little thing in the mean time.

Life has been, and will be, hectic. But acknowledging the little things help a lot. ❤

Hope you are all doing well, and take care.




Away 22:


Feline, you are confusing me.

Away 17


Do you kitty? What do you see?

… Am I? Going to get a stern talking to? From a Cat?

Away 13


Yeah, the little chalk poem I made on the spot while volunteering.
Side note: I miss drawing with chalk that was fun. Outside of like, when you mess up.