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Feline, you are confusing me.


My Coming out monologue!

Possible content warnings for a variety of different reasons.

This will not be for everyone.

IT IS FINALLY HERE! This is my “Coming out monologues” piece for2018!

If there are any shots that are slightly out of focus, and the fact my glasses are crooked/the camera catches the bad side of my face lol, I apologize.

But I cannot express how much love I have for th person who caught this on film.

I’ll be honest, re watching myself on film is SUPER hard, and always has been. I just Cringe a loooot.

But this night was so, SO amazing, and I just want to be able to share it all with you. The few months me and my fellow performers worked on our pieces really Paid off, and I couldn’t be prouder to work with them all.

Without further adieu, here’s my Coming out monologue!

(PS: captions will be soon!)




Games: a short(ish) arc: #8


Sometimes, things get too much before we deal with it healthily. And then, well. Yeah, that’s not super fun, huh?
Even then, sometimes things that aren’t very big can pile up into a lot of stress. If people who have as good lives as I or others do can get overloaded, then the amount of stress out there for those struggling more/differently is a HUGE deal. And our society is bad at dealing with not only letting people fall through the cracks, but admitting that it does or that it was built on that. So, be careful, folks. And know that you are loved!

Views news~

Untitled (3)Got over 500 views on my site for 2018! WOO!

This may not seem like a lot to some, but my lowest was 2016 (over 200) and 2017 (over 400), and a few more will put me over my second best year, 2015 (550)!

That means, if I can continue the trend of posting consistently, I could this year I could beat my best year! The first year I started posting stuff, 2014! But I would have to double it.

But also, March 20th 2018 was my four year anniversary of starting this project! That if I post consistently, I could double the views from my original year (over 1000), by simply doing what I set out to do in the first place. Draw and update! It’s only April, so there’s definitely time!

And though I haven’t updated or practiced as consistently as I should, the fact that I’m still here, that my site is getting views, is motivating┬árather than off putting. That I have a lot to learn, and to grow, and I still have time.

Thank you, for those who follow me, and the new folks! It means a lot, and I see you. And those who liked as well, that also means a ton.

I can’t wait to work more and get more content out there, and I hope you folks will enjoy!





Chapter 2: Strip 7 “Dork” .



I sympathize with the both of them. Or empathize.

As convoluted as last weeks was, I couldn’t not do it. It sets up this one so well (in the way humor in my head works). And honestly, who┬áhas not been on both sides of this? Really?

Also, second last strip of this chapter! better get my shit together!