Story one: Page Thirteen

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This is not sarcastic, she just trying to be honest.



Story one: Page Eleven

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Story one: Page Ten

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Dysphoria and De-transition warning.


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Pride: Prologue, Page 9

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Did I size this weird? If it’s harder to read, let me know!

But, more importantly:

It’s dangerous to go alone! TAKE THIS!

Pride: Prologue, Page 8

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Yeah, like. She’s in the middle of nowhere, and didn’t know how she got there, and things are different. And the, person? She knew, is gone, after some. Implications. It would make sense she kinda doesn’t know how to react right now. Stressful, shit. Hmm.

Pride: Prologue, Page 5

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This doesn’t clear stuff up, does it?

Pride: Prologue, Page 4


Yeah, confusion is going to be a theme for a while.
This was fun and kinda different to make, though!

Just trans things, Prt 3:

Untitled3 (1)

I think Non-binary folks/ Genderfluid/Agender folks would get the roughest shit for this?

But I could be wrong. Poor Jessi doesn’t have a ridiculous meme thinger to reference to deflect against the dead naming.

Or they may, but might be more copy righted or I didn’t  research good. Either way, poor Jessi is left out to dry even more than the others.

This isn’t cool! Respect names and pronouns please!