Stoodles (Stoodmuffin doodles) Bonnie the Bulbasaur:

Bonnie Bulbasaur.png
This started out to a silly response to a silly thread, but when I showed folks I got nothing but support.

So here she is, Bonnie the Bulbasaur, a plus sized Pokemon!

Here’s the line art/ sketch:

ThickaSaur (1)


Re-Baked Goods: Mother Earth (Digital)

Mother_Earth_Remake_digital (1).png

This is the digital version of the hand drawn reboot of my Mother Earth drawing!  I may have went to heavy with certain brushes but I love it. Or at least how it turned out! How she turned out. 🙂

Throwbacks: Mother earth

Mother Earth.gifI was 14 when I drew this, and it was for a project where I drew all the slides. I had updated her, but I didn’t have her for a reference. So I may tackle it again later. The posts of her updates are coming up next!