Two years on hormones!

Warnings about drug talking, and possibly other content. Just an FYI


Hromones-ConvertImage (1).png
It hasn’t always been easy to afford them. There were days I came close to miss taking them for the day, too.

But Two years! I haven’t even been out to everyone for two years, but yet, here we are!
I am going to post regular pages soon, but I wanted to post this little thing in the mean time.

Life has been, and will be, hectic. But acknowledging the little things help a lot. ❤

Hope you are all doing well, and take care.




Chapter 3 Strip 7 Ritchley the First.

Contain’s violent cartoon death of animals, depicts human death, and other adult things (not sex related adult things, for the most part), but still may not be safe for work.   (Basically there is triggering language). If you are young, at work, or just find such content not good stuff, please enjoy this instead:

This is what the “this” is.

The strip, for those who wish to back in its glory (lol):

Chapter 3 strip 7

I apologize that I can’t draw trains.

If people are wondering if he owns cotton, it that he does due to slave ownership. Own’s an ass ton of real estate, too.

My brother’s novel: