13th: The call.

Ooooooooo. Spooky.
A magic referencing strip? The 13th? A pentagram? Oooooh Mmmmmmmman.
I kid, I kid. This is based on something I designed witch (ha ha) borrowed heavily from many different things and psuedo-research. The problem is that, well. Yeah. Basic shapes and lines, folks. The effect is somewhat muddled because I didn’t practice some of the most basic things. Art isn’t just the creative or the random, it’s structure too. This is why teachers make you practice the basics, folks! More tutorials and learning how my program works for me! Though, for a trackpad drawing it’s not bad. They get better and better, I think. I’m heckin’ biased, though.
(I didn’t still this from Full Metal shush (possible spoilers and gore, it’s from Brotherhood))

Paper doll test and comparison.


Trying to get better at making her consistent, so I tried a new thing. Still kinda rough, though, cause I’m not sure how to do certain aspects of it. Eh. Need to work on figure drawing anyway, lol.

Hope you enjoy!




I like this one. BUT SRSLY HU R U!?

Original post text continues from: https://stoodmuffin.wordpress.com/comic/selfie-portfolio-2/ It reads: My dream is to make this one A T-shirt.


“Nuff said.