Stoodmuffin Storytime: Pride

I was going to post this after a couple more transition/additional doodles but screw it. I know this is late for pride month, but darn it I have been planning to do this thing so it’s happening. That’s that, hope you like, have some bonus stuff!!

Locket1-ConvertImage.pngLocket2-ConvertImage (1).pngLocket3-ConvertImageLocket4-ConvertImage.png


Away, the Finale.

Me thinks what comes next will be a little different.

The other side: Away 26

TheothersideAway26-ConvertImage (1).png

A very good question!

You can always tell when I stated to change how I approach things within an arch cause something always escalates in a way that seems so out of place to what lead up to it?

BUT. I have a bigger project Idea on the way, and this is an awkward transition from “Hey this is a strip of me saying I will be away for a few days that some how snowballed into a concept/project that will be a month late for it’s intended purpose.

But, in the mean time, have this alternate!


Away 25

Away25 Final.jpg

This one is trying to capitalize on the themes and experiments that I had been working/ playing with. But these last few strips are an alternate way of relating to the name sake of the arc. It will make more sense in time, as much since time can make.

Here are some additional images that reflect the creation process of this piece!



Away 24


What. IS That. Should I TW that? That is a mess? Idk let me know.

Potential gross?

Pocket watch or Stop watch? Idk.

Away 23


YEAH. IT’S UP.  Back to the program, as scheduled.

Also: yeah. If not mentioned before, I present: the name sake of the Arc.

Away 22:


Feline, you are confusing me.

Away 21:


Just feeling down atm, after the last one

Away 20


Yup. Art Critique from a cat.

Away 19:


Do cats look at computers? Do they watch them? I vaguely remember that being a thing from hours of cat videos. Right?