Pride: Prologue, Page 4


Yeah, confusion is going to be a theme for a while.
This was fun and kinda different to make, though!

Away 24


What. IS That. Should I TW that? That is a mess? Idk let me know.

Potential gross?

Pocket watch or Stop watch? Idk.

Away 19:


Do cats look at computers? Do they watch them? I vaguely remember that being a thing from hours of cat videos. Right?

Away 17


Do you kitty? What do you see?

… Am I? Going to get a stern talking to? From a Cat?

Away 16


Just a somber, contemplation like panel.

I’m trying to avoid to much recycling of panels, but finding poses that are unique and interesting is hard when you’re still learning? That doesn’t change the fact I liked this to the point I started messing around with it. So, here is the more “finished” version:


Here are some iterations:



And then there are a couple Gifs, warning for flashing images:

Cat in Colour Gif


Cat in Colour Gif2

Playing with this one was even more fun then some of the stuff I was trying to work on, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!