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YEAH. IT’S UP.  Back to the program, as scheduled.

Also: yeah. If not mentioned before, I present: the name sake of the Arc.


Away 20


Yup. Art Critique from a cat.

Away 19:


Do cats look at computers? Do they watch them? I vaguely remember that being a thing from hours of cat videos. Right?

“I think I wanna marry you”: Art collab part two! (tw: Nudity)

I think I wanna marry you.png

I named this for reasons, but I am not sure if it’s my place to disclose them? Achiru, will know what’s up.

So, the last piece was Achiru’s take on something I drew, this is my colouring of their work/ line art.

There will be a rant about this one, but it may not be as long as the one the “Alice” post.

Part of that ties into both the name and of the piece, too, but really this was the one I was worried about in the art trade.

I got the “Alice” one back, and it was so cool. They took what I saw or the idea in my work and they massively improved on it. She (Achiru), is a pro. I wasn’t surprised. But with my skills and how much I was learning, the idea that I could return that favor in kind seemed like a pipe dream. I saw her improve my stuff, and I was trying to do as cool shit as she normally does!

Were are new friends. I know more of her style and her art work than her characters. I had to double check, even though I loved the arch these two were from, that I had the right folks even. I donated to the gender bend page, so even then I only really know versions of these characters.

She had to teach me stuff about the program was using so I could do this piece, and I still ended up asking another artist friend to explain to me what she meant. I couldn’t get it, and I think I only half understood even after all that! Yeesh!


The idea that the one she sent me to do was so tender and sweet, it really worked with the other one being more intense. Which, also makes sense, if you know this couple 😉 .
And, I don’t normally work with scenes the intimate, or nudity. I need to do an uptake on my figure drawing, too.

Yet, the more I drew, the more I wanted it to capture something new. Exhilarating. Like this was something they hadn’t done before, or something that took this routine and amplified the emotion which made it special. Like, say, “I think I wanna marry you” to your long time, cutie-patootie, partner. To capture both the cool confidence and the blushing, passionate giddiness of our love-struck, undercut, sporting gal. To capture the high energy, the pure affirmation, the love, bubbly, excitement that fills her little kitten’s eyes. Even with how nervous I was, the more I drew, the more in love with the picture I got. Which says a lot cause I liked it before I even touched it.

If I were to revisit, I would change some stuff, sure. Try to balance of preserving Achiru’s style of eyes while keeping the intensity of the feels, for one. You can see what I mean when I post the line art and my first attempt.

But you know what? I like it a lot.

And Achiru said, that she did too.

And that warms my heart.

ColoursLove Colours Project (1).png

Also, this piece comes with a cheezy play list of stuff that inspired me as I Drew it:

Marry you: Bruno

Hanging by a moment: life house

She’s so high: Tal Bachman

There she goes again: Six pence none the Richer 

Savage garden: Truly Madly Deeply 

Heaven: DJ Sammy Remix

Can’t stop loving you: Van Halen

Listen to your heart: Cascada

Drops of Jupiter: Train

Stoodles (Stoodmuffin doodles): I called this one: “For the first time in forever”

Sam, Finished

Because this piece went up almost everywhere else before here.  I wanted to finish the Arc first?

I tried to draw a friend in a more realistic style, and it came out like crap.

So as I redo that drawing in my style, and with better references, I wanted to show off a picture I did of another friend that’s actually in my style.

It was easier cause this one had Glasses, big square ones like I do for Iz/me all the time.

So, yeah. I drew a friend’s face. Cool, eh? (They them pronouns for this friendo, please!)

Just going to awkwardly sneak this post in between the last of the arch and the one to come after?

Also, sketch:

Sam, starting

Throwbacks: Mother earth

Mother Earth.gifI was 14 when I drew this, and it was for a project where I drew all the slides. I had updated her, but I didn’t have her for a reference. So I may tackle it again later. The posts of her updates are coming up next!

Fan Stuff: Zelda: Breath of the Werld. Er. #5


Look at this Child blushing. Pure, sweet, and innocent. ❤