The Red Flood.

Think I finally have a good way to articulate my views on the “Punch Nazis thing.”


Tw: Nazis, trans/homophobia, racism, violence, and death.








The Red Flood. 

“Shed no tear for a Nazi that still calls for Blood. When they still scream: “burn the queer, No non whites, and bury their ashes in the mud.”

“Don’t let them hold ground, or make a sound. Bodies will make a thud.
Ghosts impaled, banshees wail, if we learn nothing, from the red flood.”


Re-Baked goods: Dead Red Sky, and a Life line.


Forgot to put this link up: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expressi…,

Just to show you what I mean when I talk about how what my teacher wanted and expected what my future work to be like?

Now, whatever your personal opinions are of this picture is, I have to say that this one is important to me.

Not because it’s better or worse than the other’s, but it is basically one of the most important pieces in the Experimenting process I have done as of late.


I through out 99% of my art from Art 10/20/30 (High school art classes). I wanted to try and recreate one of those pieces. From memory. From over a decade ago. No references/no direct related references.

Now, context for THAT context, for those interested:

My art teacher loved me as much as she wanted to smack me over the head.

She saw me as this brilliant expressionist painter. She saw me and my art in her’s and her own.

She’d talk about how we were both messy, and approach things from the inside out rather what most folks do. Especially in Art. Or how she would put it “Teaching people to let go and be messy is harder than teaching people to refine.” Or rather, teaching someone to colour in the lines is harder than teaching someone to colour in the lines.

Basically, people climb up a latter to get from the bottom to top, I was trying to figure out how to climb down the ladder.

Enough metaphors for you?

Well, okay.

So, if it wasn’t obvious enough I wanted to do art for cartoons and comics, even back then. Or even before. Though I can’t say that I wanted that consistently through out my childhood, I CAN say I wanted to draw what ever I thought was cool at the time. So a lot of my inspiration from art was and is IPs verses VIP classical painters and movements. I drew more from things like Power Rangers and Pokemon than I did Picasso or Leonardo.

And that frustrated her. She didn’t get why I would want to do hyper-labour repetitive drawing than big, expressive, emotional pieces.

And to further our frustration with each other, I didn’t necessary understand her teaching methods? Like, Disney life draws loins for YEARS before they do a cartoon Lion. But, I, we, were different, right? If I was a bigger, messier, looser drawer… wouldn’t it make sense for me to draw Scar (which would have less detail) and work my way UP to a real lion? If I was learning backwards, wouldn’t it make sense for me to practice, say, rubber hose styles to get approximation of figure and THEN start life drawing?

That is it’s own topic of discussion, and I think the answer is more complex than I, her, or other Art teachers/Students want to accept.

But needless to say, there was tension, even though we had a mostly good relationship.

That’s why My expressionist piece and my Cubist piece we so important. I could really show her that I figured out how to take those refinements and make my big expressive things more precise. I could finally flex my art muscles AND give her what she wanted. This was an easy A.

Except, it wasn’t. I started out super strong in both concept and design. Expressionist, dark, emotional, not two surreal but surreal enough. Off putting, but compositionally strong.

Problem. The green Sky and read worked really well, probably better in the original. The Mermaid was off center, so it wasn’t a “center focus” composition. Something I had been dinged for on other’s pieces that year.

I can’t remember what specific colour choices killed the tension of the piece, but as soon as I put that Mermaid up… I accidentally lost all of the energy that came from the red and green sky.

That was a common theme in that art class. I was close. Some ways, closer than I had ever been to make something that stood out. That met both my teacher’s and my creativity needs. That wasn’t me blowing off instructions and demonstrating I actually LEARNED stuff.

But I would either mess up one thing or not stop adding stuff to the point… that it wasn’t like, not good. It was just. Good. Not great or excellent. But, more than alright. In fact I think she still liked it.

But I could tell she was disappointed.

It got so frustrating that she was keep pressuring me to show my portfolio to the local art school, and I just couldn’t.

I couldn’t handle being so close and yet still missing one key ingredient. I couldn’t handle that it was my own vision or love of what I did that was holding me back. It made me mad. So frustrated.

Policy was that if we didn’t pick up our art, it was tossed. Pretty sure I never did, or tossed it even if I had.

Never bothered to apply to art school because I just thought I couldn’t make it. And Knowing I probably wasn’t going to be an anime/manga creator (I wasn’t as big of weeb as I was in middle school, but I still was in highschool) I had set my sites on teaching in Japan. That’s what my degree was going to be for (that didn’t turn out as planned, either).

But, even if I am still working out the kinks or learning, or that I created it through infrequent doodles, my current style has technically be been formed after many years. Ever since that day I still doodled, learned, re-learned, forgot, and re made again. That Even though I still don’t full understand the basics she tried to teach me, or that I often start and stopped, I never REALLY gave up on Art.

You can see in things like the Landscape photo, or other things that I have drawn, that I have tried to re tap into the skill sets I had when I was younger. I NEED to play with them if I want my cartooning skills to improve.

For example, things like this make me focus on the basics in ways I often forget to do when I am just doodling

– Line
– Shape
– Colour
– rendering (Shading)
– composition

Like I will actually remember to thing in terms of fore/middle/and back ground, actually fitting stuff on a page rather than just drawing 180 medium shots.

It makes me blatantly more aware of my flaws: like missing details/ over adding, not being aware of where the light is hitting an object/ 2D vs 3D, shaky lines and yadda yadda.

And just like how certain studies with marker in real life helped me try to draw things right the first time to not over correct, this study makes me try and force me to think in the terms of art. Not just doodling or shit posting, but actual art.

TL;DR: This pick being “good” or “bad” means less to me. Not completely irrelevant, but second to that I m recreating old works from almost a decade ago straight from my brain. In access to re access and channel the things I was good at before, with my cartooning style, and trying to capture and master the basics that I struggle with.

It ain’t perfect. But it’s an important step and I’m PROUD OF IT DARN IT. lol

So, here you go. An updated piece that you can’t compare to the original.

Hope you like?


On my phone this one looks a little better cause filter



An open letter to the FCC

An open letter to the FCC

Hey, @FCC, You do realize that ending Net neutrality literally destroys tens of thousands of entrepreneurial businesses,  kills markets, and make it harder for folks to pay/ freely advertise for products, right?

Youtuber sketches and reviews? All online art? Finding music and bands organically. People buying and shipping stuff on Amazon. By making it two faster for rich folks you literally shut down all the avenues that people came up themselves.

It affects international and domestic trade, cause it will be harder for us to by and sell products (some of which might be life saving) and stuff from other States, Counties, Countries, and Continents.

If you throw all that away so big cable companies can make a few bucks, your limiting resources so more people can pay for your goofy bundle packages in the first place. That doesn’t cause economic growth, it totals it. It doesn’t create Jobs, it kills them.

So can you give up this charade? Put two greedy hearts aside for a minute and actually listen to the people? The ones who told you no before? That would be great, thanks. #NetNuetrality


Hit by “Trans-Friendly” Fire

Trans kids matter, folks.


When they interviewed me and my young trans daughter, both reporters seemed sympathetic to us and claimed to be trans-friendly.  So why did they turn around and write such transphobic articles?  

I let a reporter from The Economist magazine interview this sassy 9-year-old trans little girl. The resulting article never mentioned her.

Over the course of the summer, I was contacted by two young journalists. One wrote for an alternative American weekly newspaper, the other for a venerable British magazine. Both wanted to interview me about my experience as the mother of a young transgender child. They were respectful and sympathetic. One of them even Skyped at length with my 9-year-old daughter. (“How do you want your body to look when you grow up?” “I want really long hair!”)

When their respective articles appeared, the first one in June and the second earlier this fall, I felt sick…

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On a hill, in a dream, far away

Just experimenting with some art stuff, seeing if I could do what I used too do?

This us as close to Bob ross as I’m going to get.
Also, do you folks know the song “lost boys?” 

“I’m a lost boy, from never land–”

Or what about “back on the days of Christopher Robin”/”all the bees in the hive?”
Not normally my tunage, but I think of them every time I look at this piece. 


Is Getting all the Zygarde pieces really worth it? (Pokemon Sun and Moon Tips/Spoilers ahead)

Hey guys! Still working on retooling and re organizing the site. As I am going through the process it has made me wonder if I should  get rid of older, ramble-ly opinion pieces. But, I really want to make content in the mean time until I reboot other content, so for now, have some more of my ramblings.

Also possible CW/TW warnings for language and other things

also: Mother fucking spoilers

Gamefreak has a really weird fetish of making Pokemon that are both super powered but also useless.

Sheninja is a good example. This Pokemon that evolves in a weird way, but only has one Hp. On the other hand it has an ability that only lets it take damage in a very specific way. This Pokemon takes skill to use but done right it can be a force to be reckoned with. But literally, if you do hit it, that is IT. Revives or Pokemon centers, cause that dude is dead. Or, re dead. Okay, fainted. Whatever. They can’t take hits. That was the point.

Also on a separate point, Sun and Moon has features that are really divided amongst the “Pokemon Community.”  I wouldn’t mind the changes to fishing in Sun and Moon, iiiiiiiiiif the encounter rates weren’t painfully low. Dratini took hours to find and I am still looking for Feabas. Also, I like grooming/ Poke Refresh over Amie and some of the other changes, I just think they need to be more refined if used in future games. Like, options to groom outside after battle, or Pokemon Amie features where you could encounter other trainers Pokemon via the online communication. The second of those two should have been able to happen in Poke Pelago or Festival Plaza. I like festival plaza because it streamlines where the mini-games are with where the battles and trades are, but it can be a little lack luster at times, even after putting effort into it. Poke Pelago is great too, just the upgrade costs are high and therefore some of it’s best stuff is a little less accessible than it could be. Also, as much as I prefer both over super training, I think there needs to be some tweaks before either festival plaza/ Pelago/ Hyper training really replace what six gen super training does. And SOS battles are great for shinny hunting, or can be, but can make regular Pokemon catching a pain.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE sun and moon. I thought I put a lot of hours into ORAS, but on Alpha sapphire I have an 80 hour play through. In the first four days Moon was out I was already at half that and I could easily get to 300 by the time the games have been out for a Month. Or, it is at least possible. Sun and Moon I have found to be one of my favorite poke experiences thus far. Although even if the pros out weigh the cons, it’s important not to gloss over the cons.

But the real reason I went on about Game freaks weird thing about creating certain types of Pokemon  and Sun and Moon features is because, nothing in Sun and Moon Mirror both things quite like Zygarde.

To create Zygarde’s formes? You have to find all 100 of his pieces and put him together. And honestly? It can be tougher than it looks. I had no problem, I was finding them left and right. But even after beating the post game I still had maybe 80 of the 100 pieces. Most of the ones I was missing where in places I was sure I checked 800 times so why would I go there? ugh. Maybe it won’t be as difficult for those who are master collectathoners or those who are just gifted back trackers, but I really feel getting all 100 pieces? Isn’t a walk in the park. Even if you find 99 of them easy, there will be ONE that you will spend hours trying to find.

But here is the thing, what do you GET for all of it?

Dragon/ Ground type that Zygarde has is not impervious to hits and still has lots of weaknesses. However, the Complete form can make up for that. But my problem was is that I fundamentally misunderstood how they were going to do Zygarde in the game. I thought that Zygarde would always have the ability to turn into complete form when in danger, and if you collected all 100 pieces he stayed his perfect, over powered form. Yeah, that is not what happens at all ever. See, Zygarde only gets the ability when you get all 100 pieces. So you keep Zygarde in one of his other forms, and then, if he gets to half health, then he kicks butt. Now, if you have someone who can kill Zygarde in one shot, then Zygarde is useless basically even after all the work you did. Or, if the first shot does just under full damage and the second shot Crits, Zygarde is again useless.

That is a huge feature to implement in a game for a Pokemon that could get it’s but kicked so easily. HOWEVER, Zygarde can take some hits like a champ. I mean, it is a legendary. Mine has taken super effective hits, even some critical hits, and lived. That typically triggers it’s ability, which also heals it and boosts its stats. It’s basically a mega evolution of Zygarde, but like Rayquaza it has special criteria. And though it isn’t invincible and still has the weaknesses that Zygarde normally has, used rightly, it can be devastating.

Speaking of using it effectively, here’s a tip I must have skipped over. I was getting more Zygarde pieces, specifically the cores, and taking Zygarde apart and butting him back together. He wouldn’t learn new moves. What? Well, the Zygarde cube also doubles as an TM/HM teacher. If you want the best of Zygarde’s signature moves, use the cube when you collect cores to teach your over powered critter. With that and the move reminder I was able to get a move set that I think really works for my Frankenstein’s creation. It isn’t perfect, it can still faint, but moves like Core enforcer basically nullifies the ability of any creature you have done damage too. That comes in handy. 

So, is getting Zygarde worth it? Well it is a weird feature that gives you a Pokemon that can be kinda meh to super amazing depending on how you use it. It is unique, and as a fan of shows like Power Rangers and Transformers as a kid, or the new Netflix Voltron show, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super in love with the design. It’s awesome. I love my Mega Zord Pokemon. It’s awesome. If I comeplete the quest in the Sun as I have in Moon? I am naming my second one Megas XLR (another good Giant robot show).

It’s up to you, but I think it was worth it. I just think with some of the things I know now it will be easier and more rewarding when I play through the other version of them Game. Either way, I hope you enjoy the game, or if you don’t, you got some other good shit in your life that can make it less sucky.


See you guys next time