(In Temporal sequence)

Suzie’s First Selfie 

First of the Selfie Portfolio

Suzie’s Second Selfie 

Suzie’s Third Selfie

Second Selfie Portfolio

Third Selfie Portfolio

Logee the Logo

Selfie Portfolio 4

Assignment Comic 1

Assignment Comic 2

Assignment Comic 3

“Leaves On the Vine”

(Avatar the last Air Bender fan art)

Fifth Selfie Portfolio 

“Heroes in some head-gear”

(TMNT fan art/parody)

“There goes Tokyo”

(Godzilla Fan art)


(Gurren Lagann Fan Art)

 I made a shirt

(Fan art to shirt, low quality pic)

The Dragon king

(Bowser fan art)

Mobile Sketch

Fear Justice

(Batman fanart)



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