AFTER SECTION/CHAPTER ART STUFFS: a-NOTHER pic of suzie? Really? (SUZIE’S SELFIES, Marker addition (incomplete))

It was fun, though marker is pretty unforgiving.

Original post text continues from the last one.
It reads:
Professional quality? Naaaaaah. But fun though.


Wanna know when it was originally posted?

The  ADVERTISEMENT for these next sketches are not as bad because they are only for one character and I promise they aren’t as cheasyandpleasejusttakealook:

I may swear in the ad. So, just fyi.

PICASSO: of the broken circle 

(also known as Picasso, not the artist). 

“The fourth rendition of “Picasso the monster.”

New Scanner, so I decided I would post this, because I love the shit out of it. To me this is the closest thing to what he would look like in a professional comic (yet).

To see other sketches/pictures of him, check out:

Picasso, Another one of him, The monster in colour,

To find out who he is, or  what inspired him… You know where to click.

The plan is to make him a character in the comic. ”



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