Review comic: Number 1

Review comic 1 copy





(Warning for language below)

So this is my first review comic! The idea was to make the initial premise of this comic and make it suck les-

Angry Mustachio



Not all my review comics are going to be full on reviews, but lumped into my review comics  anyway. I will normally try to vent frustration, praise, or my neutral opinions of things in the main comic (Be the Best (You can be)). However sometimes these things are Company/product/artist Specific. When this is the case, and I can’t avoid name dropping, these parody/ review comics serve to be a release on those valves.

For example: I think many artists/content creators are worried about originality  and authenticity when they make their art. They may want to reference what is already out their, but want to create something that’s their own. How do we balance this? Well, if any show has established a unique balance, it’s the show of good ol’ Doctor.

Some may argue that the show created some of the tropes because it has been around for so long.  Time travel, space travel, robots, heroes, reincarnation, weird devices, evil things. Some of these existed before the show began, and even the tropes they did “create,” have evolved into something unique that differs from when the show originally started. In fact, I found it was hard to watch because it was to original. It was so different, so unique, and such a fucking space case show on drugs that my brain hurted too much after I watched it. And it manages that kind of reaction for a new viewer (Me) after being around for ever. 

It may be trope-y, but I would still argue it reinvented the wheel.

No, it STILL does.




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