Review comic 3

Review comic 3-Recovered



So, this is just a dorky comic about whether I have seen a movie or not.  But I do think it is a good time to address a view that is often over looked in the general, and sub sets, of the “Nerd” community: accessibility.

Most of the content most of us “fans,” well, “fan” over is content that is payed for. If not, we have to pay for internet, TV, library memberships, back in the day “rent” movies and games, to access the content we enjoy. Things such as income, transportation, and location affect how people first access a particular franchise.

For example, I sure as hell loved me some “Spider-man.” And though I never considered myself to be from a rich family, I am sure I had more than most even at my lowest points. But most of the time, the only place that sold issues of comics were places like the 7-11 or the Co-op (grocery store). The problem there was, if I was lucky enough to convince my folks to get an issue for me, I would get, say… issue #156 (just hypothetically).  The next one I would be able to get, even if I was going regularly, would be issue #207. Even if I was consistent  the stores never were. And I just didn’t have transportation to get to, or know the location of, an actual comic store. So when I got into Spidey, it was the cartoons as I was a kid.

Another example is gaming. I think it would do me more favors to label me as a kid more than as an adult, and a huge part of that was being able to rent games. And I mean from the store. Being able to pay for playing the whole game only for a limited amount of time helped me better gauge what games I wanted to own and more open to trying games I wouldn’t normally. Demos, demos are cool, but limited access doesn’t allow me the same knowledge of the game’s world. I am not as comfortable making purchasing decisions now as I was back then because I felt more demos are kinda the same as trailers, teasers.  And we all know that a trailer can make something that isn’t even remotely good seem like the most kick ass thing.

Now with school, work, and missing the ability to rent, it feels a lot harder for me to be in the loop/ know and I feel more disconnected from the happenings of “gamer land.” That, and things like “online play” never really did it for me. I like more playing an adventure solo. Allows me space to newb and figure out the world on my own terms, not having to worry about my skills being evaluated by anything other than the laws of the world itself. Online, well, is a different experience from that.

I’m not looking for pity, or anything of the like. I had a lot more access than a lot of people. But there were circumstances that limited/limits my access to content even besides money.  And this is a thing to keep in mind. Not everyone will grow up with the original version of a thing. Not everyone will have the time to see that movie. Not everyone will be able to play that game, or all the games of a franchise. But does that make them any less fans? To not deserve to be Entitled to their interpretations?  To not be allowed to like a thing for different reasons than you? 

I would say, that, if you say “So and so is not a real fan” is really just a big way of saying “I am an asshole who does not consider shit about anyone else.”

I realize this is off topic from the comic, which is just me being upset about missing a movie. But, I didn’t know where else to make this rant.

This is my brothers book! Check it out? 


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