Ninth one: Life sucks.


Doesn’t it Paul? “Oh, you’re so Exotic, where’re you from?”
“But Orc culture is such a beautiful culture, why work here? “
There might? Be some slight ageism here? And maybe some other tags I should warn it with. But if you get the joke, you know this isn’t a slam on just old folks. This sort of thing is an exaggeration of things I have SEEN happen to folks (or things I may have been guilty of at some points in my life, eh heh heh) that Paul has to deal with. It’s not a good time. He’s just trying to pay the rent, folks. let ‘im live! But let me know if I should tag the warnings!
Originally he was going to work a burger Joint that was in the same mall the Coffee shop was. Yeah, retcons. Movin’ on.

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