First Fluffy Muffin Pt. 1: (The Name Stoodmuffin)

The first of the fluffy muffins, part one! What’s a fluffy muffin? Gotta watch to find out, friends.

Not meant to be a two parter, originally. The problem was the free versions of what I was using only allowed for 5 minutes per video, and I figured that AFTER I had finished half of it. So, yeah. That caused a bit of delay. Ha. Ha.

Yeah, it isn’t 24 frames a second. With how Powtoons works I am lucky to get one frame a second. And matching it with the audio? Ha! But I will figure things out in time. A bit of a learning curve, but that’s what this site was about (in a lot of ways) when I started making the comic on it a few years ago. It might be slow, but I am growing, and I invite you on that journey!

The Second half that I mentioned delaying/putting off is here.

Hope you enjoy!

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