Fifth Update: Mental health


Yeah. So I had to retake one class last year, cause of the three I was taking in the winter 2016 semester? I had to withdraw from one. But I was doing an in depth mental health assessment, as well as work and volunteering, at the same time.

It wasn’t until December of 2016 that I found out that I had ADD, and that it came with some friends. That also means that I had done that much schooling without accommodations I could have been entitled too.

The down side was that for years. Years. I could have had help and support that would have made the entire journey easier. But on the plus side, to think that I did some of the cool things that I HAVE done, without those supports, and made it as far as I did? Is pretty neato. But it’s hard to accept some of those grades as proper evaluations of my skills in those classes, even all the way back to Elementary (primary) school, if I have had this going on. Never mind that one of the symptoms of my ADD is a reading disability? It’s kind of like dyslexia’s cousin.

Eh, I graduated with an A in that class after I retook it, so *Shrugs. *


Warning Levels: 
Minormentions or touches on topic. Will say “Warning: Slight.” 
Moderate– goes into more detail. Maybe more Graphic. Will just say “Warning.”

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