Formerly Small Town of Canada

By map regions: 

(Actual map coming soon!)

North of the River:

FSTOC Airport:

Up north around there somewhere


University of Higher Learning and Shit (The UNI):

Located in the north, with various wings dedicated to those from Rjusts


Trades Trade school:

Founded by Sir Jack Totals. The trade school. Was called “Hammer and Sycle Skills School” back in the day, but has sense been recommissioned.  Large donations from Rjusts, rival of the Uni.

F.A.R.T.C.W (First Artistic Research Town-site of Canada, West):

Western Canadian Campus of prestigious art school, not the first art school in western Canada.


The Hip Strip:

Trendy shop spot. Overpriced.


North Park, Park:

A park in the north. It’s big.


The Promise land Parcel:

Many religious institutions have their various religious institution sites here. Beside each other. All clumped together. This, who planned this?


The not so outskirts, outskirts:


The Reserve:



Also ended taking land from the reserve, but mostly got over taken by the city as well.

Money Maine:

The “Core” of the city, where many companies head offices are.

Walled off to keep it separated from the other parts of town, with a toll to get through.


R.J.U.S.T.S. (head office)

Retail Jobs of Unspecified Services and Tertiary Stuff, owned by: Justin Midas Ritchley III.


Roughside Way:

Other side of the rich man’s wall. Hive of poverty, crime, that sort of stuff. Or, you know. Home to that stuff on this side of the wall.


CouldChuck Woods:

Some of the last tracts of the mighty forest that once stood. Is it a Provincial park, or Federal? Idk. Government protected. Don’t burn, log, or litter, please.

Also home to:
The Mystery Meadow:

… It just looks like a meadow?


SouthLark Park:

The other big maybe provincial, maybe federal park. Huge. Has the Zoo in the corner

The Zoo:


On “No Escape” Isle:

The Lunar January Asylum:

Supposedly out of commission, right by the prison.
One of the most famous Criminal/patients to try and escape happened to be of Japanese descent. He tried to escape, in January. They renamed it from “Ye old “Screw You” Asylum,” After this. The idea was that naming it after a failed escapee would hammer in the idea there was no leaving this place.
Working Yard Prison (Owned by Rjusts):

By the asylum, can only be ferried over, or with air transport.

Truth North Guard Military Barracks:

On the same Island.

Beaver Pelt Isle:

Fort Fur-trade/Historical village

Pleasure Island:

Stuck in Time festival land/ Youth Forever theme park!

Once famous from profiteering on people mocking those who are different, but has the same rides and unhealthy food! And some updated ones! Some of the updates are safer than the originals, some are less!

Box Isle:

Wherehouse? Warehouse district:  

No one knows where it is unless you work there. No one cares.

The greater River: Immersion

The lesser River: Dip