Fan Stuff: Zelda: Breath of the Werld. Er. #2




Fan Stuff: Zelda: Breath of the Werld. Er. #1


I need to build a buffer and I have put 400 hours into this game. Have some gosh darn Zelder, dang it!

(Also, considering how much of my Twitter is screenshots from the game lmao)

Small boi Link




Le fin


See? Suzie will give her (my avatar) sass, but she is still there for her 🙂

Continuity, Again.


Hitting up on jokes from old strips, ha ha. Yup! I’m disorganized and I am trying but it ain’t easy! ha ha

Hard time


Oh, well I guess my comment about the cat in the last one makes more sense here.

. Outside of that, prepare for some self deprecation and internal banter I have all the time; presented as a dialogue between two fictional (ish?) characters.




She was the first Character I made and featured in my older content, outside of my Avatar. I think she finally shows up in strip number five?

I haven’t drawn much of her since I began slowly redesigning my avatar, so in some ways it feels like a long lost friend has returned.

I have other characters, (like Paul the Orc) I had been working on and designing since the earliest days of the strips. Part of my original concepts. My goal is to hopefully have more of them, with their own stories, in my work. But, that process is slow, so she returns as she originated in the strip, gently giving me a “hard time” over things.

I’m glad I got off my procrastinating butt to draw her though. I really did miss her ❤

Oh, the thing about the cat is a reference to the second update a ma thing. I posted it, I can guarantee, so. It’s somewhere.

Also happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Sorry if I don’t do anything special for it I’m just behind on all things.

23: I can stop trying to erase

Untitled (1)
Before I was born, I was a called something while my mother was pregnant. I knew what it was for years, but never thought I would be able to have it. Or that if I admitted that I liked it, I was wrong. I thought of names, changing my name, and had settled that I had to make due with the name I had. I never hated the name that was first on my birth certificate. I often thought, though, that I had to have a nickname, a stage name, so people couldn’t mock or misuse my name against me. (didn’t stop that from happen, by the by, but whatever).
It was just, if felt that way about the name I was assigned, how would they react over my real name. The name that belonged to me?

20: I’m transitioning


Self evident from the title. More playing around and trying new stuff, and sparkles. Different ways to try visually express similar concepts, and fooling around with the gradients! 

19th: Spring or Harvest?


Trying to reuse locations, and see them from different perspectives. May need some work, but I still like it.
And here’s the preview as well!