Coloured on Adobe Illustrator

Coloured on Adobe Illustrator (a tool I am still figuring out)


Gurren Lagann

Line art done in Adobe Illustrator

Gurren Lagann

Marker Line Art

Your fan art will pierce the heavens!


Modeled from this picture of a toy I found on the net! I know it’s not a perfect copy, but this is the closest I have to an actual decent mecha drawing I have ever done! And for the most part? I am reeeeeeeeeeeeeally happy with how it came out! I really feeling that, as my skills are now, using models like this could really improve my stuff. It may not be perfect, but I definitely like the direction it’s heading.



The deviant art one is a little higher quality. 

AFTER SECTION/CHAPTER ART STUFFS: a-NOTHER pic of suzie? Really? (SUZIE’S SELFIES, Marker addition (incomplete))

It was fun, though marker is pretty unforgiving.

Original post text continues from the last one.
It reads:
Professional quality? Naaaaaah. But fun though.


Wanna know when it was originally posted?

The  ADVERTISEMENT for these next sketches are not as bad because they are only for one character and I promise they aren’t as cheasyandpleasejusttakealook:

I may swear in the ad. So, just fyi.

PICASSO: of the broken circle 

(also known as Picasso, not the artist). 

“The fourth rendition of “Picasso the monster.”

New Scanner, so I decided I would post this, because I love the shit out of it. To me this is the closest thing to what he would look like in a professional comic (yet).

To see other sketches/pictures of him, check out:

Picasso, Another one of him, The monster in colour,

To find out who he is, or  what inspired him… You know where to click.

The plan is to make him a character in the comic. ”



This one is complete

Original Text (text from the original post): I have some sketches done in marker, as I was experimenting with a new (not really new, actually an old and hated) media…


Yeah so, do to posting this one so late in the sequence, I cared a lot less posting these things “relative to which chapter I drew them.” That was my original plan, but that plan has failed, so just enjoy it. Wanna know when it was originally posted?

Is that another wild ADVERTISEMENT recommending you check out my sketches and other junk? It is, or it was, I don’t know. Advertising is hard and sucky. Check it out if you’d like, anyway.


I don’t normally do this, but…

I have some sketches done in marker, as I was experimenting with a new (not really new, actually an old and hated) media

suzie m

Professional quality? Naaaaaah. But fun though.

suzie m 2

Here we go.This one is-

the cat two

-the last one before the important ones. My dream is to make this one:

the cat one

And this one:


On a T-shirt. Maybe both of them on the same one *GASP*. I would have to do some editing and stuff before I could show you what it might look like on a T, clean it up. but it is a dream to dream. *Sigh*