Stoodles (Stoodmuffin doodles) Bonnie the Bulbasaur:

Bonnie Bulbasaur.png
This started out to a silly response to a silly thread, but when I showed folks I got nothing but support.

So here she is, Bonnie the Bulbasaur, a plus sized Pokemon!

Here’s the line art/ sketch:

ThickaSaur (1)


Fan Stuff: Zelda: Breath of the Werld. Er. #4

BOTW_number_4 (1).png

I am so mad that this outfit isn’t DLC content for “Breath of the wild.” I wanted this outfit for link so bad. 
But here is a Linkle. Well, a Link. 

Fan Stuff: Zelda: Breath of the Werld. Er. #1


I need to build a buffer and I have put 400 hours into this game. Have some gosh darn Zelder, dang it!

(Also, considering how much of my Twitter is screenshots from the game lmao)

Small boi Link




I should be doing comics but have some fan art #batman

imageI tried my darnedest to make Bruce Tim’s batman, and got this instead. Still figuring out this “digital drawing” nonsense.


Not actually after Chapter Art stuff: The dragon king

The Dragon King


Was TOTALLY going to put this up on deviant art, but the site didn’t like the image for some reason. Yeah, King of koopas. SWEAR the green wasn’t so neon when I was using it. Would change the colour pallet entirely if I were to do it again. Meh.

Review Comic 5

review comic 5-Recovered-Recovered-Recovered-Recovered-Recovered

A little joke if you know who played in Godzilla 2014

This is my brothers book! Check it out? 

Review comics 4 (language warning)


And some KICKASS2 spoilers.
Review comic 4-Recovered

 First, I apologize id I fucked up the Japanese.

Two, this comic is a little bit based off of this.

And this sketch was prep for this comic.

Their critique is a little crude, but so is mine, because the intention is that they are both played up for laughs. So, let me go a little more in depth here.

Godzilla, originally, was basically a message saying “the Atom bomb was going to far.” “Man played god, and weren’t supposed too.”  Godzilla was kinda the counter balance to that. Puts humanity back in it’s place for going to overboard. But, he also kinda became a super hero that “saved” humanity from the other monsters (no one talks about the casualties from these battles?). So, kinda terrifying, human killing Godzilla. And, anime hero Godzilla. They both exist, and are both relevant to Godzilla’s history. One with him being a horror movie monster, the other being the bad ass hero that spawned awful knock-offs like “Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark.”

My issue is, this movie kinda started as the former and ended as the latter. The teasing, the half-reveals, the over emphasis on humans? It makes sense to me, if they all tragically died. Get invested in these humans, they die. A slap to the face that makes humanity question if it actually has gone to far. And honestly, with colonel JACK-ass being the main human? Surprised they DID survive. -_- Actor kisses a girl who is underage when he is like forty, and now acts like a loser in every other movie (Kickass and H kiss in the second kick ass movie, and I am PRETTY sure there was a twenty year age gap between the actors. AND she was a minor) . As hokey as Cranston was, they totally played it up that there was going to be more of him. And even with the bad Japanese, he was more interesting a human XD.

I don’t know. I feel like It tried too hard to be both the “Godzilla is a terrifying Monster that kills a dumb ass humanity” and “KICK ASS GODZILLA KICKS MONSTER ASS.” Would have been a stronger movie if It pick one or the other, in my opinion.

This is my brothers book! Check it out?