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It’s been a long while since I have had a true site update, and the first one I have isn’t even technically a strip, lol. Most of the challenges I have been struggling with in terms of the site are partially addressed here, so I hope that fills folks in as to what’s been going on.

The voice sounding different to people who have heard it on the channel before? Well, I’m trans.

So there you go.

I AM working on updating the strip, but I am trying to do more skill trainning/ world building before I get there. It will very hopefully be soon.

So here is the words from the video’s description:

“JEEZ LOUISE. I think I got the sound stuff sorted out. LET’S TRY THIS AGAIN. Yeah, so… hopefully I will keep practicing and after years of getting better we can all cringe at this! Hopefully… not to MANY Folks are cringing now? But eh. I wanted to do this anyway for a while. Come with me and Journey as I will (eventually) retool my old web-comc and make more animations! Thanks to Powtoons for the tools to make this possible, but I may check out just doing it in Movie maker as well? We will see. See ya around!”

So hope to see you on more adventures soon!

Chapter 3 S22

Chapter 3 22

So, this comic.


The reality is is that I have been on both sides of this. Things I like have gotten less popular, not enough demand, recalls, and whatever. I have had products I love removed from the shelves for perfectly legitimate to seemingly outlandish reasons. There are times where I have had it where I have handled in a “less than stellar” fashion, or have had staff be extremely rude about circumstances like this.

The customer is kind of a hyperbole, here. Not everyone reacts like this. But the goal here was to show how people can have extreme reactions to little things, and you can have ZERO control over them. You can’t help the customer or “guest,” and they take all the frustration out on you. And even though you aren’t supposed to take it some people make it personal. At least in my experience with customer service and retail, this is a thing that happens. I was just trying to address it with humour.

Technically early, right? Chap 3 16




And this is Troy,  someone you might have seen if you are on my deviant art at all (check my websites page). I am not sure if it really turned out well here, but I LOVE his pose. Totally the attitude I was looking for. So, even if the sketch captured it a bit better, I still love this.

Trying out things with back ground colouring too. Hit and miss.

Chapter 3 Strip eleven

Chapter 3 strip 11


YES we got Shelly now too! FINALLY. Though, I have to admit, kinda half assed for a first appearance.  ONLY 1/4 OF HER IS IN THE PANEL!! We will see more of her soon.

This comic seems reminiscent of one of my first.

EDIT: OOPS!!! I was wondering why I didn’t see this one posted. The one on here for a while was next weeks, this is the one for this Wednesday! Soooo… sorry for spoilers? I guess?