This is where I will post a little web comic I am working on, and link possible Youtube animations.  A little comic that I am drawing to A) just sort things them as they come  my way and B) to improve drawing/ digital editing skills.

This is new, it’s rough, it’s raw, and it’s me. And I am putting it out there. I am so tired of having ideas or big schemes that I always give up on or turn away from, so even if it’s a little shoddy, I am putting it up. No turning away from it, no backing out. This is a project I am aiming to actually stick to! And if you want to join the ride, come right along!


My twitter for comic updates and general goofiness.

My Deviant art for sketches and rough (or in this case REALLY rough) drafts.

May throw in character design sketches and the like as well.

Updates (should) be up every Wednesday

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