Updates to my shit. Your attention, please.

First, general stuff out of the way: 
I’m broke and have no money. 
I mean, that isn’t news or unusual. I’m just saying that I am looking for work at the moment, and not well, mind you. Anxiety is not cool.
I’m okay, I will be/am trying to be. However, that means that drawing and getting things out daily, is hard. It’s hard anyway, but that is a substantial road block. 
No, this isn’t a post asking for money. Not hating on those posts, Many of us are lacking funds in various degrees, I am sure I have made those posts, not disrespecting them. That’s just not what this is.
This will be a post about some changes to make doing this (comics) a little more feasible.


     1. Schedule Change:

  • Changing every day posts to week day posts
  • Early posts will be Sunday to Thursday, rather than Monday to Friday, and are still a dollar a month pledge.
  • Will still try and post the night before, so that means a comic posted on the site Monday will be posted Sunday evening.  That means for the early comics, a Sunday comic will be posted Saturday night. This is just to ensure that the comic will for sure be up on the right day (If I post it Sunday night, this means I don’t have to worry about it being up for Monday).
  • I will try to stick to this as much as possible, giving myself the extra 2 days is just to help me get things done on time, so I can try to keep things to schedule. ADD also makes that hard, but routines are supposed to help so I am trying to improve on them.
  • I’ve changed the $100 and $200 monthly goals. At $100 there will be a  Saturday bonus page every two weeks, and $200 will Sunday bonus page every two weeks. Patrons will be able to vote on what they’d like to see from these options:

    -Slice of life/Personal
    -Bonus character comic
    -Mini Fan Comic: either requested or just whatever I am fanning over that day
    -An Idea that isn’t/only loosely related to the Comic

    With that out of the way, here comes the second part of the update. Not relevant to above but I find it equally as important:

    2. Font. Change. Thing? 

    I wanted to try and make sure it was clear which character was speaking by using two different tactics: A colour in the word bubble, and different fonts.

    I tried to make my own font, it back fired. But I am switching everything to one font because I think it tidies things up, a bit. I will still do the colour thing to try and separate dialogue/ speech bubbles, but that may change too if I find a more effective method.

    I’m not changing posted pages/comics, though. I won’t do anything related to that unless I decide to go back an do the entire page from scratch, which won’t be for a long while.

    Changes will be implemented, hopefully, for this coming week.

    Thank you for reading,
    Have a Gooder,


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