Forgot to fix the like and sharing options for my Comics.


Fixed now, though!

So if you want to like and share my stuff, it’s possible now! Yay.

And I am literally just saying that, and nothing else. That the possibility is now available.

Not that I would really love for you to check out my stuff and like or share or anything, or how much that would mean to me.

More just, that you can.

*sweats nervously*


Audio updates for comics:

For the audio recordings for visually impaired folks, either search YouTube for “Stoodmuffincomics; Audio updates,” or following the link here, will take you right to the playlist with them as soon as they are uploaded.

The idea is to have an Audio book/describe video kind of deal for the comics, so people can enjoy them even if they can’t see them. With some of the small rants I do on posts, TTS sounded like a nightmare because it would take a long time to get through the descriptions and the captions I have on posts. Though, this could be slower due to potential band width.

If this option doesn’t work? Let me know. Maybe I could find away to balance it with TTS? Just trying new things to make things more accessible. Let me know if it helps you or your loved ones out? Or if it doesn’t?






Paper doll test and comparison.


Trying to get better at making her consistent, so I tried a new thing. Still kinda rough, though, cause I’m not sure how to do certain aspects of it. Eh. Need to work on figure drawing anyway, lol.

Hope you enjoy!

My brother is making Fic by a fan. A work of fiction for, and by, someone who enjoys a work. What’s the term? Hmm.

Come check me out!

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