F**k you Primarina is awesome as shit. Another little rant (yes about Pokemon shut up it’s great)

Hey guys! Still working on retooling and re organizing the site. As I am going through the process it has made me wonder if I should  get rid of older, ramble-ly opinion pieces. But, I really want to make content in the mean time until I reboot other content, so for now, have some more of my ramblings.

Also possible CW/TW warnings for language and stuff.

Also maybe spoilers.

Okay, so.

Pokemon sun and moon are out and as long as there have been trailers, people have had their opinions about the guys you could start your new adventure off with. I have long been on the water starter team, and if I am going to be completely honest… I was at first put of by Popplio.

I think my first reaction was something on the lines of “It’s like Mister Mime Fucked a seel or Dewgong. And then I realized the reason it might have the clown nose, that was pink, and the clown nose for a reason, after seeing a game play demonstration and Popplio learning a certain move. That like Mister Mime, also a clown who looks goofy and kinda weird, that the Popplio line might get the fairy typing. The cutesy element and pink coloration were a dead give away.

Now I haven’t played every Pokemon generation. But in the early ones I played, as well as with the newer ones, is that Dragon is a pretty bad ass typing. It might not be as over powered as it may have been in the past, but often dragon types had high stats and good move-sets to counter weaknesses (as far as I can remember). Having a Pokemon that had one of it’s few weaknesses was an asset for setting yourself against one particular trainer as well (wink wink nudge nudge).

And this is why Fairy was kind of a big deal when it was introduced into X and Y. It too had few weaknesses and was strong against  dragon.  My brother would not shut up about how much of a big deal Laparas was because it, with a high enough level and the move blizzard, would destroy dragon types. With it’s stats as well, it could take a hit and be pretty hard core.

But the Fairy type added a whole knew dimension to team building, and it was amazing to see power dragons (though a lot are kinda goofy looking too) be terrified of a Wigglytuff. Not they weren’t bad ass before, but they were even more so now.

So when Popplio’s line had confirmed fairy typing? I was ecstatic. It wasn’t invincible by any means, but here was a starter that could pack, hypothetically, the same Punch as my Bros Laparas but was a STARTER. In fact ( SPOILERS) while actually playing the game there was one tough Dragon type Totem Pokemon who was quad weak to Fairy cause of their secondary typing (fighting) that I K.O.ed in one shot. Dragons beware, Primarina is here!

Now, with all trailers I have been following and lore and stuff I have been reading up on, I am pretty much in love with all the New starters to some level. I am just mad at myself that I didn’t realize how cute and awesome my little friend was until they started kicking ass. They are a great partner and I don’t regret choosing them one bit.

For those of you who don’t like them because they are  “feminine” or underestimate how much they can bring to the table?

FUCK YOU. Primarina kicks ass! Oh yeah.


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