I wasn’t sure how I would take Paul Rudd being a super, mister Rom com extraordinaire, as Ant-man. But no less surprised then when I learnt  Mark Ruffalo was going to be the hulk, too. I though the movie was going to be really stupid or really great.

Then it turned out to be a Super Hero heist film with essentially Philp J Fry (futurama) and his racist caricature/ Planet Express/ Oceans eleven team, fight Lex Luthor. There was probably more references I could jam in there, but I LOVED the movie. Not my faaavorite, but still up there.


The new TMNT series

Is like, kid friendly horror movies. It draws from so many influences. As much as there some stuf fI find silly in it, it’s a show that often forgets that the target demographic is for kids. They HAVE to put some of that in there so the kids would watch it. But even THEN I wouldn’t let my kids watch it alone.

But, I still love the absolute DICK out of it.


Going to party harty

So the surprise was

That I was doing more updates than once a week. It hasn’t been dailies, because there has just been lots of stuff going on. I hope to get the next one out for you guys on Monday. Much love!