With another week without my strip being posted, it becomes more and more apperent as to what “Being the Best (you can be)” is/can/will be.

So, I have been working on this comic for about a year now, though it may not seem like it. And as I self promote my stuff on twitter, Deviant art, and other sites. And some of you may ask: why?

Why are you promoting content that is not even close to be considered professional, and then asking others to contribute to it or follow it? When you post so little, so irregularly, and not really on time on the few days you actually have your act together?

Well, be the best you can be always is/was/and will be, mainly, a learning experience. I never planned to be rich from it, or for it to be an over night success. It is me, working through thoughts, art styles, learning to use tools and the like to create something that is my own. Most specifically, a universe onto itself. A fictional “world” of content.

The problem then becomes, is I know I am not there yet. I am not sure if it ever will get there. But, it will always be the project I come back to even if I leave it for a time. It will be the thing I draw and work on even after I tell myself I have given up drawing or writing. It will be the thing I come back too.

So, you do not have to support financially. Or in any way, really. Just know, that even when I mess something up. Or make a mistake, on deadlines and things. It’s not you. And I don’t want to ignore those of you who have been wonderful enough to support in any way. Just know this strip is a process, and it may have a few bumps along the way 🙂 Please only join the ride if it is comfortable for you.


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