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Fan fiction crappy hour is where I take a fandom that you love and spit all over it with that horrible, pandering, evil sort of franchise contaminant called “change.” These are just ideas that I shoot off the top of my head or I have mulled over for a while that I thought could be fun. It’s not cannon because I am no way associated with these properties. None of the funds of my patreon go to financing these, so, no. I am not here to make money on properties that are not mine. This is really just some “Sorry I was behind and didn’t update last week” sort of content. So, with that being said… 

It has been quite sometime since the Republic of China had dissolved to form this new nation state. The Democratic collective of China has been having similar problems. Beijing, Shanghai, and now Hong Kong control much of the country’s power, at the dismay of the many. Many fear, too, that the lost of both Tibet and Taiwan will make it a target for invasions from foreign powers, like the Japanese.

Though the Chinese have more say in their political process, the mass unemployment that has been caused by un-regulated capitalist expansion and Nationalist movements all over the country have caused the newly formed government to be quite paranoid. The fear of growing insurgent groups and infighting has made the new government prepare for another civil war brewing over the horizon. And to make it’s worse is Hydra’s spread into a increasingly right wing Russia, though it has been fizzing out in Germany. The nationalist movement that Sprung from Taiwan, though, seems to be the most paramount threat. Even after all this time.

They just call themselves “中国人” or “[The] Chinese.” The idea is to insinuate that anyone who joins their ranks is the true inheritors of the Chinese dynasties and legacies. To make fun of this, the group’s English monikers have simply been “The True Mandarin,” or simply “The Mandarin.”

This Terror group has plagued the new Government, and such trade partners like the American government and Stark Industries. In fact, the leader of the organization led an attack on one of Stark’s subsidiaries, and the devastation was so bad Stark industries almost stop trading with China all together. A young Tony was Especially distraught due to almost losing his father, who was visiting said location, due to the attack.

When Tony took control of his company, he made racist hiring policies. Would make deals with Chinese companies and bureaucrats that had loop holes so he could take what he wanted without holding his end of the bargin. His racist attitudes is why…

Things are looking dark for the Avengers initiative.

Brian Banner, notable gamma radiation specialist for the American military, was an informant turned spy for the American government. However, he did once work for “The Mandarin” group. In fact, it was the experiments they were working on and the attack on the Stark enterprises that made him turn into an informant for the government. He thought the group went to far.

Becoming an American citizen, he worked with the US’s Nuclear disarmament group and giving any in-tell he could on the terror group’s plans. That’s why the accident that occurred to his son, who was only trying to carry on his legacy, is ever more tragic.

While permanently shutting down a Missile silo in Montana, an explosion occurred. Some how he was only inside when it happened, and  it was completely sealed when it happened. However, there is evidence not only he survived, he escaped. Changed. Not sure how, but the blast made him into some sort of… monster.

Tony Stark personally started a campaign to issue a warrant for the Arrest and Capture of Bruce Banner. Due to Bruce’s father’s previous involvement of the group that almost killed his father,  his military knowledge, and his mutation, he convinced military personnel to seek and destroy him. Though, the military could not pledge full support due to Tony refusing to sell his Iron Man technology to the government, and his own going show boating vigilantism. Especially, due to his reluctance to save… Americans of a certain decent.

Banner’s brain and new found muscle power would be critical to teh Avenger’s initiative as well as Tony’s smarts and technology. Both could be allies for promoting world stability and could prevent catastrophe with their power. But, while one is hunting the other, and the lack of trust for these… “Vigilantes” (like the young spider and the team of four), the government will not likely be willing to fund our initiative as much as we need.

China’s impending war, A new Russian Hydra, the possible revival of German branch… new, alien threats. The Mandarin.

We need this team.

I need you to find what ever hole Banner is crawling in. I need him alive. I will work with Stark. Make him see the light. Maybe get him counseling for his addictions, too.

Get him. Alive, Natasha.