You can navigate with your arrow keys! (and other updates)

So, I have been trying to fix. reorganize the site so things are more organized, and some of it worked! Yay! But if your chilling here, just a heads up. 

1) Some of the “Next” buttons are broken on some of the strips. Well, not broken, but missing. I am going to fix it when I can, but you can navigate through the updated archives is need be.

2) The “Archives” pages (Prologue strips and Archives) are only for the comics. They only link to comics that are navigable by your arrow keys. The links will still work if the arrow keys do not, it’s just that old format of strips are not archived in those strips.

3). If you want to read my “Writing 101” stuff, that shouldn’t be a problem. I have re blogged it, in order, with the last assignment I did on top and having it progressively get older as you scroll down. It is not archived, but, it is still there in an easy to get to fashion. 

That’s all the site updates for now, and I hope you have fun hanging around here. 


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