Writting 101, Unleash your mind: write for twenty minutes… just write whatever comes to mind


 So, I decided to join this writing challenge thing because, honestly I want to write better. That is, more intelligently. I have honestly loved the ideas of mythologies as long as I can remember, and in fact, I never would have subscribed to the catholic faith in school if I did not have an interest in mythologies. I have always tried to create my own. Worlds beyond measure, just on the tip of the tongue of my imagination. Visions, pieces of worlds, fragmented among an unfocused sea, a boat stranded in the tempest with no port to speak of. It was frustrating. Hundreds of souls lived in my mind, pounding out to free themselves in some way, fighting amongst themselves to try and exist in some form in the real world, the world outside of my mind. When I would try and piece legends, stories, and heroes together, I needed…

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