Writing 101, the contrast (Day seven)


W: Hmm…

P: What is it?

W: It seems we have a conundrum here.

P: How do you mean? We are just doing something we both enjoy.

W: Of course you had to speak for both of us.

P: Do you mean you do not enjoy it?

W: Well, we don’t make any money on it, do we?  

P: Well, not yet, but we might if we keep at it. Is money the only reason we do something? Why can’t we enjoy it?

W: Well, it’s tedious, and there is no point to the tedious unless it’s profitable.

P: So, that means we can only do tedious things?

W: No, just, only do profitable things.

P: What if all profitable things are tedious?

W: Then we only do tedious things.

P: That is ridiculous! I mean…

W: We have done enough things that are pleasurable that offer us no…

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