Writing 101 #4, tw: suicide, depression, other things.


I’m cheating a little on the twist today. I mentioned my friend before, but last post more about another friend I was doing music with. However, this person was in the same class, and I did mention she isn’t here. What I didn’t mention was that she died of suicide, or that I didn’t make her funeral.

She was, out of our group of friends, the one I felt most disconnected with. Like, I only knew her so well, and more knew her because she was friends with other people in our group. I just assumed that was a disconnection between me and her that we didn’t hang out enough. That’s part of the reason I treasured that Spanish class. Her, my musical friend, and I all became our gged it off though own little unit and we actually formed our own friendship as a group. Though, my being distracted…

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