You can navigate with your arrow keys! (and other updates)

So, I have been trying to fix. reorganize the site so things are more organized, and some of it worked! Yay! But if your chilling here, just a heads up. 

1) Some of the “Next” buttons are broken on some of the strips. Well, not broken, but missing. I am going to fix it when I can, but you can navigate through the updated archives is need be.

2) The “Archives” pages (Prologue strips and Archives) are only for the comics. They only link to comics that are navigable by your arrow keys. The links will still work if the arrow keys do not, it’s just that old format of strips are not archived in those strips.

3). If you want to read my “Writing 101” stuff, that shouldn’t be a problem. I have re blogged it, in order, with the last assignment I did on top and having it progressively get older as you scroll down. It is not archived, but, it is still there in an easy to get to fashion. 

That’s all the site updates for now, and I hope you have fun hanging around here. 


The day 19 post is coming first because it is relevant, Goddamnit: “working for the “A.”” Tw: language


Do you know how much energy I have wasted avoiding doing things because I was either afraid about sucking at it/not being good at it? I was interested in science and things, but, oops! Bad at math. Only had a mediocre grade in science. Okay, never trying to be good at that again. Oh well. I’m a creative type, right? Mister moody, feelings, artsy fartsy make arts person. Who care if I am not good at science stuff, I can just art.

Oh, but I make spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. I guess I shouldn’t choose writing as my thing. I mean, I struggle organizing my ideas, right? Oh well, try the next thing. I like to draw, to bad I suck at perspective. That limits what I can draw. And I am bad at being proportionate and things. Okay, so I guess art isn’t right for me. Unless I…

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Writing 101 16( &17), this one is adult and sad and things too


You know what I would find more than anything? Fucking tears. Tears of joy, sadness, frustration and bliss.

I would stand there, behind the fucking counter and sigh the boring day away. Then it would come in. A little monkey magnet thing. A little stuffed animal with magnets in all its four little paws. Like the one I lost as the mall when I was super young. It wouldn’t be the same one I had all those years ago, but it would be exactly like it in every way. Almost 18 years old the stupid thing would be.

I would only be able to look at it, tears welling up in my eyes. You know, that day, I learnt that there are things we lose that we never able to get back. It was the first day I think I ever felt like I didn’t have control over some aspect…

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Writing 101 day fifteen, late coming I knows (and there is some adult words in this one. Be advised. Also lots of personal opinions.)


What is something that could be canceled that would make me sad? Honestly? I know this sounds weird to say but the new Ninja Turtles cartoon. I don’t like every single thing about it, but on the whole I think it’s a smooth and well done production. It’s over the top funny, and can be over the top serious. It’s a mix of new and old things, and I feel seeing the Turtles’ progression is more obvious to see.

To see it canceled would be like when I found out “Spectacular Spiderman” was only two seasons. It was so well done, and if watched in chronological order you can see everything build up to the final episode of the second season. It was like, each piece flowed together. The chain of actions made sense, and you could see how it all fits together you saw the whole thing. The whole…

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Writing 101 day 14 (adult themes, reader discretion advised)


Dear Meredith,

It’s been so long since I have seen you. How was your tour of duty? I hate to tell you this, sense you have been so far away for so long, but I don’t know how else to do.

We went to the park, just the two of us. Our hands interlace as the birds were singing and the sun setting. We just were sitting down when they came to talk with us.

My ears were ringing as I woke up, soaked in blood. Some mine, most of it his. They knew him from the high school, they used to play football with him when they were younger. The slurs they through still rang out in my head as I tried to see your son. I love him, and I grabbed his hands and asked him to speak with me. He held tight. He mouthed the words “I…

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Writing 101 day 13


The air was of a partial frost, but not due to the temperature of the room. No, the chill was from my spine, and it spread thoroughly through the rest of my body. I wasn’t supposed to be here, I though. I had mulled over the idea of whether it was really worth climbing up to this rickety old attic. Why should I risk being bent over Grand-mama’s knee just to see if I could find that old letter? Would it explain anything? Would it be worth the humiliation of getting caught breaking this one sacred rule?

But I had to see if it was up here. Whether or not the old roomers spoken around the family were true. So I had to make my way to the big, sand dune of a chest on the other side of the room. If it existed, the roomer went, it would be…

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writing 101 day 12


(This is technically the opposite of what I am supposed to do, because I wished I hadn’t spoken up about this.)

The beat of the song hums low in my head. I can feel the eyes on me as I sit in the class room and each drop of sweat fights its way out of my face. Paranoid. They can see it. I don’t want them too, but nervousness crawls out of my eyes as I pathetically cower in my desk. The teacher taps a ruler on her arm as the song in my head gets louder and louder. Her impatience is rising as giggles can be heard and mummers are muffled in the silence. I wanted to get out of there, I just wanted to be relieved. I hold back. The pressure surmounts. My knuckles whiten as I clench my desk, hoping that nothing will incriminate me before I…

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Writing 101 day ten (happy occasion food times)


This is not my favorite meal as a kid, but it ranks pretty high up. I don’t remember doing much for my 16th birthday, I guess I did a small thing with friends. The actual day of my birthday I was planning video games, and just relaxing. Then people started showing up. I was wondering what the hell was going on, and low and behold, surprise 16th birthday party. Bam. Right there.

And this birthday was memorable because of the cake. Because it actually wasn’t cake. It was a big pan of huge, awesome, delicious raspberry cobbler. Soft, yummy, tart and sweet, the most delicious thing on the planet. With ice cream and whip cream.

You guys. You guys just. No. Idea. SO…………..DELICIOUS.

That’s the best I can do for this one. There aren’t enough words to describe this beautimous thing. 

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Writing 101 Day Nine (Adult themes, reader discretion advised)


He walked out of the rehab center for a final time today. He finally was given a clean slate, and will be able to start normal life again. Not to say his life was normal in before. The only thing normal about it was her. She stuck with him, supported him the whole time while he dealt with his demons. There was history of abuse in his family, abuse of substance and other wise. Whenever he got mad, to make sure he did not make the mistakes of his abusive father, he would take a sip. Only one or two each time he got angry.

Doesn’t that sound counter intuitive? He had some solid logic behind it though. Drinking even a sip of whiskey somehow whisked him away to his happy place, whether he wanted to go there or not. Whether it was a party-hardy tequila, a winning wine, a…

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Writing 101, the contrast (Day seven)


W: Hmm…

P: What is it?

W: It seems we have a conundrum here.

P: How do you mean? We are just doing something we both enjoy.

W: Of course you had to speak for both of us.

P: Do you mean you do not enjoy it?

W: Well, we don’t make any money on it, do we?  

P: Well, not yet, but we might if we keep at it. Is money the only reason we do something? Why can’t we enjoy it?

W: Well, it’s tedious, and there is no point to the tedious unless it’s profitable.

P: So, that means we can only do tedious things?

W: No, just, only do profitable things.

P: What if all profitable things are tedious?

W: Then we only do tedious things.

P: That is ridiculous! I mean…

W: We have done enough things that are pleasurable that offer us no…

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