Writing 101 Day Nine (Adult themes, reader discretion advised)

He walked out of the rehab center for a final time today. He finally was given a clean slate, and will be able to start normal life again. Not to say his life was normal in before. The only thing normal about it was her. She stuck with him, supported him the whole time while he dealt with his demons. There was history of abuse in his family, abuse of substance and other wise. Whenever he got mad, to make sure he did not make the mistakes of his abusive father, he would take a sip. Only one or two each time he got angry.

Doesn’t that sound counter intuitive? He had some solid logic behind it though. Drinking even a sip of whiskey somehow whisked him away to his happy place, whether he wanted to go there or not. Whether it was a party-hardy tequila, a winning wine, a vivacious vodka, a boisterous bourbon, or a smooth scotch; he had found memories with all of them. And this way he was only repeating one of his father’s many mistakes, right? This cycle of mad-happy, mad-happy did a number on his liver even before she walked into the picture though. It made their relationship interesting.

Luckily she caught on before he went too far down the wrong path. Guess there was advantages of being someone who is determine, driven, and a general zest for life. It can rub off on you. Make you come clean. Work to change. And, to give him credit, not many are as willing to fight as hard as he did to live. To love. Though as hard as he worked it was only half as much as work as her getting the degree must have been. That is what he thinks to himself, anyway. She’s going to be a lawyer! Hell, if she works as she does now till the end of her time she could sit on the Supreme Court bench! The only thing that could possibly stop her is possible racism/sexism. And Heaven help the person who pulls any of that shit with her! John Wayne’s slinging six shooters couldn’t bury someone six feet under as fast as she could! Not that she ever has, just saying you don’t want her to attempt it.



The two of them walk through the park and come across a little old lady knitting away. He notices that she is making a small red sweater, and he starts to weep. It was like the one ‘Ma” made him when he was just a young fledgling. He sheds tears, apologizing for not standing up to him. For letting him do that to her. How age 17 his mam wasn’t there anymore. He let her die, and his father was never seen again. He clenches her arm as the pass through the tries further into the park.

This time he is going to make it, though. He is and his lady. Both going to make it on their own, both are going to make it together. 


(Challenge failed, I know)


5 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day Nine (Adult themes, reader discretion advised)

    • I really like the concept, but concepts were never really my weak point. Formatting and organizing them into something more has always been my weak point. Even if this piece needs work, I do really like it.It was one of the two that really stood out for me. It may just means I need to read over my stuff a little more before I post. Well, that and instructions! XD

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad you thought so!

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